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Python elliptic curve multiplication. Elliptic curve point addition over a finite field in Python. the Wikipedia page, https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Elliptic_curve_point_multiplication. and my textbook (Information Security, by Mark Stamp), I came up with the following code: def point_add (N_x, N_y, Q_x, Q_y, p): m = (Q_y - N_y) * pow ( (Q_x-N_x), p-2, p) ret_x = (m ** 2 - N_x - Q_x). I am relatively new to ECC, but my understanding is that the result of a point multiplication must still be. Elliptic curve scalar multiplication is the operation of successively adding a point along an elliptic curve to itself repeatedly. It is used in elliptic curve cryptography as a means of producing a one-way function. The literature presents this operation as scalar multiplication, as written in Hessian form of an elliptic curve. A widespread name for this operation is also elliptic curve point multiplication, but this can convey the wrong impression of being a multiplication. If you want to get serious about elliptic curves in Python, you probably want to be using SageMath: http://doc.sagemath.org/html/en/reference/curves/sage/schemes/elliptic_curves/constructor.html. It will find the rational points for you, tell you the group structure of the rational points, and make many much more sophisticated calculations as well. And you can work over more or less arbitrary rings to boot This is valid for points on an elliptic curve, which you can add to each other. Adding a point to itself is a doubling operation. and then you need that 2000-years-old binary trick to create a multiplication from the double and add

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  1. valid(point) - returns 1 if point on curve, 0 otherwise; comress(point) - returns 33 bytes - sign of Y coordinate (0x02 or 0x03) and X coordinate (32 bytes) decompress(bytestring33) - returns unpacked point; Point at infinity is represented as value [Null, Null] or 33 zero bytes (in compressed form). Ed25519 does not have point at infinity
  2. Let's represent this curve using the classes we have already defined. # Ref: https://en.bitcoin.it/wiki/Secp256k1 # secp256k1 elliptic curve equation: y² = x³ +
  3. ant operation in elliptic curve cryptography schemes, will reduces the overall complexity of the cryptographic protocol. The wBD is a new windowbased elliptic curve multiplication - method
  4. EccPoint (x, y, curve='p256') ¶ A class to abstract a point over an Elliptic Curve. The class support special methods for: Adding two points: R = S + T; In-place addition: S += T; Negating a point: R =-T; Comparing two points: if S == T:... Multiplying a point by a scalar: R = S*k; In-place multiplication by a scalar: T *=

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Py-EC. A wrapper of the OpenSSL elliptic curve functions for easy Python manipulation. In Python, dealing directly with the OpenSSL library (through PyElliptic) easily becomes a hassle with the use of C pointers and string buffers.. To make things easier, I decided to make a wrapper for PyElliptic to make the manipulation of elliptic curves and points more Pythonic The exist answers have detailed the pseudo code, I will give the python implementation. 1. Given the Elliptic curve E: y 2 = x 3 + 20 x + 13 ( mod 2111), # E = 2133. We calculate the 57 P with the double and add algorithm by a primitive point P = ( x p, y p) = ( 3, 10) on the curve. We know that 57 10 = 111001 2 Note that sha3_224, sha3_256, sha3_384, sha3_512 are all in hashlib as of python3.6. Performance Curves over Prime Fields. Currently it does elliptic curve arithmetic significantly faster than the ecdsa package. You can see the times for 1,000 signature and verification operations over various curves below. These were run on an early 2014.

The Elliptic Curve Cryptography (ECC) is modern family of public-key cryptosystems, which is based on the algebraic structures of the elliptic curves over finite fields and on the difficulty of the Elliptic Curve Discrete Logarithm Problem (ECDLP).. ECC implements all major capabilities of the asymmetric cryptosystems: encryption, signatures and key exchange tinyec is a tiny Python library for ECC (Elliptic Curve Cryptography). tinyec is not suitable for production environment. You can verify if a point is on a curve or not with tinyec. But you can not list points on a curve. You can perform addition of two given points on a curve with tinyec. You can perform scalar multiplication of a given point on a curve with tinyec. But you must set.

Does anyone have/know of a python implementation of the elliptic curve factoring algorithm (lenstra) which is both: simply and cleanly coded functional I'm aware of William Stein's code (from elementary number theory book) but I don't understand his coding style and the algorithm doesn't seem to work efficiently. For that matter has anyone come across any useable math/number theory packages. 2 Elliptic Curve Cryptography 2.1 Introduction . If you're first getting started with ECC, there are two important things that you might want to realize before continuing: Elliptic is not elliptic in the sense of a oval circle. Curve is also quite misleading if we're operating in the field F p. The drawing that many pages show of a elliptic curve in R is not really what you need to think. For an Elliptic Curve we generate a 256-bit random number for the private key (p), and then take a point (G) [x,y] on the Elliptic Curve and then multiply it by the private key to get another. Software optimization of binary elliptic curves arithmetic using modern processor architectures Manuel Bluhm June 17, 2013 Department of Mathematics, University of Haifa Prof. Dr. Shay Gueron Embedded Security Group, Ruhr University Bochum Prof. Dr.-Ing. Christof Paar . Abstract This work provides an e cient and protected implementation of the binary elliptic curve point multiplication for the.

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Elliptic Curve Coordinates prime curves to compute scalar multiplication •Koblitz curves have a property which allows more efficient computation of scalar multiplication Given a point (x, y) on the curve, (x2, y2) is also on the curve, and this can be used to replace point doubling by field squaring. Koblitz Curves - τ Operator •Define the τ operator such that τ(x, y)=(x2, y2) and. Elliptic Curve Point Multiplication using Double-Base Chains 3 14] and 30 or more for prime fields [12]. In this paper we consider affine (A) coordinates for curves defined over binary fields and Jacobian (J) coordinates, where the point P = (X,Y,Z) corresponds to the point (X/Z2,Y/Z3) on the elliptic curve for curves defined over fields of odd characteristic. As we shall see, our DBNS. Scalar Multiplication in Python. ECDSA. Quiz: The Playstation 3 Hack. Conclusion. Powered by GitBook. Introduction to ECC. Elliptic Curve Cryptography . Public-key cryptography based on the concept of elliptic curves over finite fields. Smaller key size, relative to RSA. My PGP software uses a 2048-bit RSA (Rivest-Shamir-Adleman) key. To crack my PGP key, an attacker needs to expend the.

The function calculates points on elliptic curves over a finite field GF(m) Implementing Karatsuba Multiplication Algorithm in Python. 4. C++ implementation of Java's floatToIntBits() and intBitsToFloat() 25. Gray codes addition. 2. Travelling Salesman Problem solver. 6. Creating a lot of objects in a tile-based game . 0. Implementing carryless multiplication using normal multiplication. Elliptic curve point multiplication There are different ways to implement point mul-tiplication: binary, signed digit representation (NAF), Montgomery method. A scalar multiplication is per-formed in three different stages. At the top level, the method for computing the scalar multiplication must be selected, in the second level, the coordinates to repre- sent elliptic points must be defined. of elliptic curve scalar multiplication will improve. 4. ADDITION-SUBTRACTION METHOD In 1951, Booth [9] proposed a new scalar representation called signed binary method and later Rietweisner [10] proved that every integer could be uniquely represented in this format. The property of this representation is that, of any two consecutive digits, at most one is non-zero. Here the integer k is. So I have a very beginner-esque knowledge of ECDSA and I'm trying to write something in python to take a private key and output the public key (Basically from what I understand just trying to do the point multiplication k number of times on the basepoint) to get a better understanding. My two main resources are the wikipedia page and this tutorial. While trying to program point addition, I.

The multiplication of elliptic curve points in the group Curve25519 - Example in Python. To demonstrate the elliptic curve Curve25519 in practice, we shall first install the pynacl crypto library for Python: pip install pynacl The Python binding to the Networking and Cryptography (NaCl) library (PyNaCl) implements many modern cryptographic algorithms, including the EC point arithmetic over. Scalar point multiplication is the major building block of all elliptic curve cryptosystems, an operation of the form where k is a positive integer and P is a point on the elliptic curve. Calculating gives the result of adding the point P to itself for exact k-1 times, which results in another point Q on the elliptic curve. AND ALSO Scalar point multiplication is one of the major buildings of. Python implementation of Linkable Ring Signatures over Elliptic curves - ec_lsag_test.py. Python implementation of Linkable Ring Signatures over Elliptic curves - ec_lsag_test.py . Skip to content. All gists Back to GitHub Sign in Sign up Sign in Sign up {{ message }} Instantly share code, notes, and snippets. jesperborgstrup / ec_lsag_test.py. Last active Dec 10, 2019. Star 8 Fork 4 Star Code.

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Elliptic Curves As Python Objects. Last time we saw a geometric version of the algorithm to add points on elliptic curves. We went quite deep into the formal setting for it (projective space ), and we spent a lot of time talking about the right way to define the zero object in our elliptic curve so that our issues with vertical lines would disappear. With that understanding in mind we now. Point Multiplication Methods for Elliptic curve Cryptography Alka Sawlikar, Astt.Prof, Electronics Department RCERT, Chandrapur alkaprasad.sawlikar@gmail.com . International Journal of Engineering and Innovative Technology (IJEIT) Volume 1, Issue 1, January 2012 2 Fig.2 Taxonomy o f Elliptic Curves IV. EC ON PRIME FIELD The equation of the elliptic curve on a prime field Fp is y2mod p= x3 + ax.

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  1. [python]basics of elliptic curve cryptography. GitHub Gist: instantly share code, notes, and snippets
  2. ECPy (pronounced ekpy), is a pure python Elliptic Curve library providing ECDSA, EDDSA (Ed25519), ECSchnorr, Borromean signatures as well as Point operations. Full html documentation is available here. ECDSA sample. from ecpy.curves import Curve,Point from ecpy.keys import ECPublicKey, ECPrivateKey from ecpy.ecdsa import ECDSA cv = Curve.get_curve('secp256k1') pu_key = ECPublicKey(Point.
  3. Elliptic curves, used in cryptography, define: Generator point G, used for scalar multiplication on the curve (multiply integer by EC point) Order n of the subgroup of EC points, generated by G, which defines the length of the private keys (e.g. 256 bits) For example, the 256-bit elliptic curve secp256k1 has
  4. Elliptic Curves with Complex Multiplication Drew Moore Discussed with Professor Emerton 1DefinitionandExamples Definition1.

Addition on an Elliptic Curve and Modular Arithmetic involving fractions. 0. Multiply point by scalar in elliptic curve group. 1. Problem with Elliptic Curve in Montgomery form. 0. Adding points on an elliptic curve. 5. Under what conditions do all the points on an elliptic curve form a cyclic group? (And group cardinality attacks) 0. Calculation of modular multiplicative inverse of A mod B. In mathematics, an elliptic curve is a smooth, projective, algebraic curve of genus one, on which there is a specified point O. An elliptic curve is defined over a field K and describes points in K 2, the Cartesian product of K with itself. If the field has characteristic different from 2 and 3 then the curve can be described as a plane algebraic curve which, after a linear change of variables. Like 4096 bits. But for elliptic curves we can get away with 256-bit keys. The reason for this is essentially mathematical: addition on elliptic curves is not as well understood as multiplication is for integers, and the more complex structure of the group makes it seem inherently more difficult. So until some powerful general attacks are found. Implementing Curve25519/X25519: A Tutorial on Elliptic Curve Cryptography MARTIN KLEPPMANN, University of Cambridge, United Kingdom Many textbooks cover the concepts behind Elliptic Curve Cryptography, but few explain how to go from the equations to a working, fast, and secure implementation. On the other hand, while the code of many cryptographic libraries is available as open source, it can. Window-based elliptic curve multiplication algorithms are more attractive than non-window techniques if precomputation is allowed. Reducing the complexity of elliptic curve point multiplication of the form , which is the dominant operation in elliptic curve cryptography schemes, will reduces the overall complexity of the cryptographic protocol

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  1. Python & Node.js Projects for $30 - $250. I want a generator in python that has a very simple user interface. The script will perform the elliptical curve point multiplication from base point many times until it finds a match. I should be abl..
  2. Elliptic Curve Cryptography: ECDH and ECDSA. This post is the third in the series ECC: a gentle introduction. In the previous posts, we have seen what an elliptic curve is and we have defined a group law in order to do some math with the points of elliptic curves. Then we have restricted elliptic curves to finite fields of integers modulo a prime
  3. Elliptic curve pairings (or bilinear maps) are a recent addition to a 30-year-long history of using elliptic curv. trending; Python Elliptic Curve Cryptography Cryptocurrency . Python Elliptic Curve Cryptography . May 7, 2018 DTN Staff. twitter. pinterest. google plus. facebook. Exploring Elliptic Curvepairings.

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Elliptic curve scalar multiplication algorithm. edit. EllipticCurve. scalar. multiplication. algorithm. asked 2016-03-25 14:41:10 +0200. Belphegor 33 2 4. updated 2017-01-08 12:08:08 +0200. FrédéricC 4156 3 37 85. I'm doing a prespective on supersinguar elliptic curves. I was wondering how saga calculates scalar multiplications? Does it just calculate it naively or does it use succesive. Elliptic Curve Calculator for elliptic curve E(F p): Y^2 =X^3+AX+B , p prime : mod p (be sure its a prime, just fermat prime test here, so avoid carmichael numbers) A: B (will be calculated so that point P is on curve) point P : x : y: point Q: x: it's your own responsibility to ensure that Q is on curve.

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5. Gross, B.H.: Arithmetic on elliptic curves with complex multiplication. Lecture Notes in Mathematics, Vol. 776. Berlin-Heidelberg-New York: Springer 1980. Google Scholar. 6. Gross, B.H.: On the conjecture of Birch and Swinnerton-Dyer for elliptic curves with complex multiplication. Conference on Fermat's Last Thm. pp. 219-236 The order of the base point must be prime.Indeed, we assume that every nonzero element of the ring / is invertible, so that / must be a field. It implies that must be prime (cf. Bézout's identity).. Alice creates a key pair, consisting of a private key integer , randomly selected in the interval [,]; and a public key curve point =.We use to denote elliptic curve point multiplication by a scalar

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  1. g S/M = 0.8. Section 4. Cohen, Miyaji, and Ono consider only two possibilities, namely 0 inversions and lg(m +1) inversions. • We incorporate a faster use of 1 inversion proposed by Dahmen, Okeya, and Schepers in the recent paper [13]. Our graphs also.
  2. The method for elliptic curve scalar multiplication is a method for fast, efficient multiplication of a point on an elliptic curve by a scalar. Two different parameters are used to assign separate projective coordinates to the x-coordinate and the y-coordinate. The x- and y-coordinates are projected by Z L x and Z L y , where L x and L y are exponential functions having a common base, i.e., L.
  3. Arithmetic on Elliptic Curves with Complex Multiplication. Authors; Benedict H. Gross; Book. 60 Citations; 6.4k Downloads; Part of the Lecture Notes in Mathematics book series (LNM, volume 776) Buying options. eBook USD 29.99 Price excludes VAT. ISBN: 978-3-540-38575-2; Instant PDF download ; Readable on all devices; Own it forever; Exclusive offer for individuals only; Buy eBook. Softcover.
  4. •Elliptic-curve-cryptography (ECC) both are public key cryptosystems. RSA. In the RSA-System, each participant, e.g. Bob, has as private key a number d B and as public key a pair (e B,n) where n=pq is a pseudo-prime (i.e. a product of two large primes) and e B d B ≡1 (mod (p-1)(q-1)). In python: Rsa= lambda m: m**e B %n RSA. The security of the system depends as well on the possbility of.
  5. Elliptic Curve Digital Signature Hardware Core Anissa Sghaier 1, Medien Zeghid 1,2,*, Chiraz Massoud 1 and Mohsen Machout 1 1 Faculty of Sciences, LR99ES30 EmE Lab, University of Monastir, Monastir 5000, Tunisia; sghaieranissa@yahoo.com (A.S.); massoud.chiraz@hotmail.fr (C.M.); machhout@yahoo.fr (M.M.) 2 Higher Institute of Applied Sciences and Technology, Department of Electronic Engineering.

elliptic curve scalar multiplication. edit . asked 2018-03-29 07:31:23 +0200. santoshi 131 10 19 28. kindly provide me the code for left to right double and add scalar multiplication for following characteristics of elliptic curve for the following parameter. prime field P=37, A=7 B=25 G=(33,9) n=21. edit retag flag offensive close merge delete. Comments. In a dialog with the sage interpreter. Elliptic curve based algorithms use significantly smaller key sizes than their non elliptic curve equivalents. The difference in equivalent key sizes increases dramatically as the key sizes increase. The approximate equivalence in security strength for symmetric algorithms compared to standard asymmetric algorithms and elliptic curve algorithms is shown in the table below. Symmetric Key Length. Elliptic Curves An elliptic curve over a finite field has a finite number of points with coordinates in that finite field Given a finite field, an elliptic curve is defined to be a group of points (x,y) with x,y GF, that satisfy the following generalized Weierstrass equation: y2 + a 1 xy + a

1. anyone know how to implement sagemath for the following: i work on algo 1 & 2 (kanayama 2014 - Implementation of an Elliptic Curve Scalar Multiplication Method Using Division Polynomials) Preview: (hide) save. cancel Python PKCS#11 Documentation - Elliptic Curve - X.509 • Encryption/Decryption - AES - DES2/3 - RSA • Signing/Verifying - AES - DES2/3 - RSA - DSA - ECDSA • Wrapping/Unwrapping - AES - DES2/3 - RSA • Deriving Shared Keys - Diffie-Hellman - EC Diffie-Hellman • Digesting and Hashing • Certificates - X.50 I also have a lot of elliptic curve code for Python here: https://github.com.

An Improvement of Guajardo-Paar Method for Multiplication on non-supersingular Elliptic Curves. In: SCCC 1998. Proceedings of the XVIII International Conference of the Chilean Computer Science Society, Antofagasta, Chile, November 12-14, 1998, pp. 91-95. IEEE Computer Society Press, Los Alamitos (1998 We are going to recover a ECDSA private key from bad signatures. Same issue the Playstation 3 had that allowed it to be hacked.-=[ Stuff I use ]=-→ Microp.. Elliptic curve cryptography (ECC) is an approach to public-key cryptography based on the algebraic structure of elliptic curves over finite fields. The use of elliptic curves in cryptography was suggested independently by Neal Koblitz1 and Victor S. Miller2 in 1985. Elliptic curves are also used in several integer factorization algorithms that have applications in cryptography, such as Lenstra. >>> elliptic.on_curve(0,0) 1 Exercise 3.1 Modify the function on curve to work with the curve y2 = x3+8x and test with python if some points are on this curve or not. Remember to reload your function into python after the modifications are made. You can now explore the other options available in emacs' Python menu.

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Scalar multiplication over the elliptic curve in 픽.. The curve has points (including the point at infinity).. The subgroup generated by P has points.. Warning: this curve is singular. Warning: p is not a prime Elliptic Curve in Python. Representing a point . Group Theory. Point Addition in Python. Scalar Multiplication in Python. ECDSA. Quiz: The Playstation 3 Hack. Conclusion. Powered by GitBook. Galois Fields. Galois Fields (aka Finite Fields) A Galois field is finite set of elements and two operations + + + (addition) and × \times × (multiplication), with the following properties: Closure: if a. Mathematically, the elliptic curve cryptography is based on the fact that you can easily multiply point A (aka base point, or public key in ECDH) and scalar k (aka private key) to get another point B (aka public key), but it's almost impossible to calculate A from B reversely (which means it's a one-way function). Compressed and uncompressed key Elliptic Curves. GitHub Gist: instantly share code, notes, and snippets

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Optimizing Elliptic Curve Scalar Multiplication for small scalars Pascal Giorgia and Laurent Imberta,b and Thomas Izarda aLIRMM, CNRS, Universit´e Montpellier 2 161 rue Ada, 34090 Montpellier, France; bPIMS, CNRS, University of Calgary 2500 University Dr. NW, Calgary, T2N 1N4, Canada ABSTRACT On an elliptic curve, the multiplication of a point P by a scalar k is defined by a series of. For making elliptic curve point multiplication secure against side-channel attacks, various methods have been proposed using special point representations for speci cally chosen elliptic curves. We show that the same goal can be achieved based on conventional elliptic curve arith-metic implementations. Our point multiplication method is much more general than the proposals requiring non. Improved Elliptic Curve Multiplication Methods Resistant against Side Channel Attacks Tetsuya Izu1, Bodo M¨oller 2, and Tsuyoshi Takagi 1 FUJITSU LABORATORIES Ltd. 4-1-1, Kamikodanaka, Nakahara-ku, Kawasaki, 211-8588, Japan izu@flab.fujitsu.co.jp 2 TU Darmstadt, Fachbereich Informatik Alexanderstr.10, D-64283 Darmstadt, Germany {moeller,ttakagi}@cdc.informatik.tu-darmstadt.de Abstract. We. Supported curves. Following curve 'presets' are embedded into the library: secp256k1; p192; p224; p256; p384; p521; Acknowledgements. This project is heavily inspired by the javascript implementation of elliptic . you can find it here. Also, the naming conventions and references have also been taken from here. The ellitpic curve details can be. Elliptic Curve Point Scalar Multiplication Combining Yao's Algorithm and Double Bases Nicolas M´eloni and M. Anwar Hasan Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering University of Waterloo Abstract In this work we propose to take one step back in the use of double base number systems for elliptic curve point scalar multiplication. Using a modified version of Yao's algorithm, we go.

This is a python package for doing fast elliptic curve cryptography, specifically digital signatures. Security. There is no nonce reuse, no branching on secret material, and all points are validated before any operations are performed on them. Timing side challenges are mitigated via Montgomery point multiplication. Nonces are generated per RFC6979_. The default curve used throughout the. Elliptic Curve, Cryptosystem, Scalar Multiplication. 1. Introduction The elliptic curves are an area of mathematics and have been discovered for almost a century. Neal Koblitz [21] and Victor Miller [20] have, independently, proposed, for the flrst time, the use of the elliptic curves in cyptography. This was almost three decades ago, in 1985. Fast and Regular Algorithms for Scalar Multiplication over Elliptic Curves Matthieu Rivain CryptoExperts matthieu.rivain@cryptoexperts.com Abstract. Elliptic curve cryptosystems are more and more widespread in everyday-life applica-tions. This trend should still gain momentum in coming years thanks to the exponential security enjoyed by these systems compared to the subexponential security of. Speeding up elliptic curve multiplication through scalar decomposition for w-NAF. This technique that gives us two EC multiplications for the price of one will be crucial for Witnet as it keeps.

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elliptic curve scalar multiplication algorithms for parallel hardware architecture, mostly in view of asymmetric cryptograph.y Performance improvements were demonstrated by dividing the elliptic curve arithmetic over multiple threads or. 2 Eric M. Mahé et al. by dividing single nite eld operations over the aaivlable resources. GPU archi- tectures have evolved however, and in the direction of. Talk:Elliptic curve point multiplication. Jump to navigation Jump to search Nutshell version: an elliptic curve plotted on a simple X,Y grid bends back and forth in such a way that a straight line through any two points will also intersect the curve at a third point. An elliptic curve may even look like multiple pieces when converted to X,Y coordinates, even though in its own coordinate.

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If this is not clear enough, here's a Python script that implements the algorithm: As we will see in the next post, if we reduce the domain of our elliptic curves, scalar multiplication remains easy, while the discrete logarithm becomes a hard problem. This duality is the key brick of elliptic curve cryptography. See you next week . That's all for today, I hope you enjoyed this post. Elliptic curve cryptography[13]. The scalar multiplication is computing Q=[k]P, where k is a scalar and P(x1, y1) and Q(x2, y2) are the points on an Elliptic curve E. The scalar multiplication has the form: Q=[k]*P (1) This can be calculated by adding point P exactly k-1 times itself which is shown in equation (2) Elliptic curve point multiplication is the operation of successively adding a point along an elliptic curve to itself repeatedly. Further defining point addition, it is taking the line through two points along a curve E and computing its intersection with the curve in a nother point P3, followed by negating of the y coordinate to give P4 (see the example in the following figure). Figure 1.

Keywords: Elliptic curve, scalar multiplication, window method, addition, doubling. 1. Introduction . Elliptic curve cryptography was introduced by Victor Miller and Neal Koblitz in 1985 [4]. Although vast majority of the products and standards that use public key cryptography for encryption and digital signature use RSA, but elliptic curve Iwasawa Theory of Elliptic Curves with Complex Multiplication Anna Seigal 2nd May 2014 Contents 1 Introduction 2 1.1 EllipticCurveswithComplexMultiplication. Accelerating the Scalar Multiplication on Elliptic Curve Cryptosystems over Prime Fields by Patrick Longa Thesis submitted to The Faculty of Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies in partial fulfillment of the requirements for the degree of Master of Applied Science in Electrical and Computer Engineering Ottawa-Carleton Institute for Electrical and Computer Engineering School of Information. elliptic curve point multiplication (ECPM) crypto processor for low area applications. For proposed ECPM processor, we used PB representation as it performs efficient FF multiplications than NB. The NB representation is useful where frequent squaring's are involved [20]. Furthermore, for polynomial multiplication we use bit parallel FF multiplier based on hybrid karatsuba multiplier. The. Tate-Shafarevich group. Complex multiplication for elliptic curves. Testing whether elliptic curves over number fields are Q -curves. The following relate to elliptic curves over local nonarchimedean fields. Local data for elliptic curves over number fields. Kodaira symbols. Tate's parametrisation of p -adic curves with multiplicative reduction Elliptic Curve Scalar Multiplication Combining Yao's Algorithm and Double Bases Nicolas Meloni and M. Anwar Hasan´ Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering University of Waterloo Abstract. In this paper we propose to take one step back in the use of double base number systems for elliptic curve point scalar multiplication. Using a mod-ified version of Yao's algorithm, we go back.

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