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Die internationale Wirtschaftskanzlei Osborne Clarke ist Partner des OpenChain-Projekts. Das OpenChain-Projekt ist eine von der Linux Foundation gehostete Initiative, das die wichtigsten Anforderungen an ein hochwertiges Open-Source-Compliance-Programm definiert Munich, 27 April 2020 - The international legal practice Osborne Clarke is delighted to announce that it is now Partner of the OpenChain Project. The OpenChain Project, a project hosted by the Linux Foundation, defines the key requirements of a quality open source compliance program The OpenChain PARTNER Mini-Summit will be held on the 14th of June at 07:00 UTC / 00:00 PST / 08:00 BST / 09:00 CEST / 12:30 IST / 15:00 CST / 16:00 KST / 16:00 JST. The two-hour Mini-Summit will start with a discussion about the customer journey, followed by presentations from partners, and end with an open discussion about setting client expectations. Andrew Katz of Orcro will facilitate the. April 2020. Die internationale Wirtschaftskanzlei Osborne Clarke ist Partner des OpenChain-Projekts. Das OpenChain-Projekt ist eine von der Linux Foundation gehostete Initiative, das die wichtigsten Anforderungen an ein hochwertiges Open-Source-Compliance-Programm definiert. Seine Mission ist es, Anforderungen zu definieren, um ein effektives Open-Source-Management für alle Beteiligten an der.

SAN FRANCISCO, January 23, 2020 - Today, the OpenChain Project welcomes GTC Law Group PC & Affiliates as our latest official partner. GTC, based in the United States, specializes in IP Strategy, Mergers & Acquisitions, and Business & Technology Transactions for IP-centric companies and institutions worldwide. Their engagement with the OpenChain Project marks another milestone in building out. OpenChain began when a group of open source compliance professionals met in a conference lounge and chatted about how so much duplicative, redundant open source license compliance work was being done inefficiently in the software supply chain simply. They realized that while each company did the same work behind the scenes in a different manner the output for downstream recipients could not. OpenChain ISO 5230 is the International Standard for open source license compliance. It is simple, effective and suitable for companies of all sizes in all markets.This standard is openly developed by a vibrant user community and freely available to all. It is supported by free online self-certification, extensive reference material and official service provider partners Frankfurt, 8.Juni 2018, EACG - die Mutter von TrustSource - und Linux Foundation zeichnen eine Partnerschaftsvereinbarung zur Zusammenarbeit im Projekt OpenChain. EACG ist bereits seit einigen Jahren im Umfeld der Open Source Governnace und Compliance aktiv Are you sure you wish to delete this message from the message archives of partners@lists.openchainproject.org? This cannot be undone

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Latest news. HH Partners Joins the OpenChain Partner Program — 10 Oct, 2019 // The maintainer of the Double Open project, HH Partners, Attorneys-at-law Ltd joins the OpenChain Partner Program (Read More. Results of the Short Ecosystem Survey 2019 — 3 Oct, 2019 // Double Open Short Ecosystem Survey 2019 results have been published (Read Mor OpenChain Partner Call 2021-05-0 Unternehmen. Die {metæffekt} GmbH unterstützt und begleitet Unternehmen bei der Inventarisierung und Bewertung der genutzten Softwarebestandteile (Software Composition Analysis). Durch langjährige Expertise und Knowhow im Bereich Software Architektur, Software Entwicklung, Continuous Integration und License Compliance Management ist die. Subgroups You Can Join. OpenChain Project Conformance Mailing List. This is an OpenChain Project mailing list. Created: 4/09/17. 39 Members, 163 Topics, Archives Viewable Only By Members, Restricted, Last Post: Jun 10. OpenChain Education Work Group. This is the OpenChain Education Work Group Mailing List. Created: 2/07/20

Osborne Clarke is OpenChain Partner - Osborne Clarke

  1. EACG wird OpenChain-Partner. Frankfurt, 8.Juni 2018, EACG - die Mutter von TrustSource - und Linux Foundation zeichnen eine Partnerschaftsvereinbarung zur Zusammenarbeit im Projekt OpenChain. EACG ist bereits seit einigen Jahren im Umfeld der Open Source Governnace und Compliance aktiv
  2. Today, we are excited and pleased to be an official partner of OpenChain. We are looking forward to helping companies by using our extensive knowledge and abundant experience. About Hitachi Solutions. Hitachi Solutions is a core IT company of the Hitachi Group, which employs some 400,000 people worldwide. Through systems integration, we provide ideal solutions and products for customers.
  3. The OpenChain Specification and OpenChain Conformance guides are licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution License 4.0 (CC-BY-4.0). The Online Certification Questionnaire is available under the Apache 2.0 license on Github.All OpenChain Curriculum, Case Study and other reference material is provided under the Creative Commons Public Domain 1.0 License
  4. The OpenChain Project is developing a compelling commercial partner program to support its core mission of ensuring that any organization, anywhere can adopt OpenChain easily. The partner program operates adjacent to the free online self-certification, free reference material and free access to the OpenChain specification. The goal is to provide user companies the option of obtaining.
  5. Lyra Infosystems is delighted to be the latest official Linux Foundation's OpenChain Project Partner. Lyra will offer OpenChain conformance services, Open Source Policy Creation & Process, Compliance consultation, Legal Remediation, and OS Audit services to organizations around the globe. Get in touch with Lyra Infosystems here
  6. We are honored and pleased to become an official partner to OpenChain. This partnership will be a crucial next step for improving our service offering as well as an opportunity to level up the promotion of OSS compliance issues among our clients, partners and broadly within the innovation networks in Sweden. About Synergon . Synergon offers qualified strategic advice on a broad range of.
  7. OpenChain project welcomes Lyra Infosystems as new Partner. Lyra Infosystems is delighted to be the latest official OpenChain Project Partner.; Lyra will offer OpenChain conformance services, Open Source Policy Creation & Process, Compliance consultation, Legal Remediation, and OS Audit services to organizations around the globe

OpenChain Partner Mini-Summit - 2020-06-14 @ 07:00 UTC

  1. OpenChain. Wir sind anerkannter Partner des OpenChain Projektes, das einen internationalen Standards für Open Source License Compliance etabliert hat (ISO/IEC 5230:2020). Hier haben wir uns an der Entwicklung der Spezifikation beteiligt, in die unsere langjährige Erfahrung eingeflossen ist
  2. Quarterly OpenChain Partner Summit Today (Monday) @ 07:00 UTC / 00:00 PST / 08:00 BST / 09:00 CEST / 12:30 IST / 15:00 CST / 16:00 KST / 16:00 JST. Two hours of talks, panels and roundtables covering . By Shane Coughlan · OpenChain Q2 Mini-Summit - 2021-06-14 @ 14:00 UTC. The OpenChain Q2 Mini-Summit will be held on the 14th of June at 14:00 UTC / 07:00 PST / 15:00 BST / 16:00 CEST / 19:30.
  3. WhiteSource is the latest OpenChain Partner January 12, 2021 UNITED STATES, January 12, 2021 / EINPresswire.com / — WhiteSource, a leader in open source security and license compliance management software, is the latest vendor to join the OpenChain Project partner program
  4. OpenChain Partner Agenda 2020-03-16 Author: Alexandra Boehm - KDAB Created Date: 3/20/2020 1:12:42 PM.
  5. Hitachi Solutions is the latest partner of the OpenChain Project, maintainer of ISO/IEC 5230: the International Standard for open source license compliance
  6. Our collaboration will focus on supporting Swedish companies and entrepreneurs during ISO/IEC 5230 conformance activities

Technology Partners. With the registration of OpenChain to ISO/IEC 5230:2020, there is a need to rapidly address OSS security and compliance in Japan. With WhiteSource's Smart Prioritization, real-time alerts and quick reporting, many Japanese customers are adopting WhiteSource. With the continued support of WhiteSource, RickSoft will. OpenChain Partner - Black Duck Certified Legal Professionals - Flexera Certified Legal Professionals - Quartermaster compliance partners - Experts in FOSSology, WhiteSource, DevOps Specialists. OpenChain (ISO/IEC 5230:2020) Compliance. Implementing an industry-standard and internationally recognised software source code compliance programme. OpenChain (ISO/IEC 5230:2020) Certification.

The OpenChain Project consists of a large, vibrant community of companies that use open source in products and solutions, says Shane Coughlan, OpenChain General Manager. There is also a growing partner community that consists of organizations offering legal, consulting and tooling support in the management and automation of open source compliance. We are glad to welcome FOSSAware to. So, the bench press or overhead press is an open chain exercise. Obviously, these are examples of compound or complex movements. A common misdefinition of open chain movements are that open chain movements are simply single joint movements. This is probably a misunderstanding of the statement that movement in one joint can occur in an open chain without necessarily necessitating movement in. Carsten Emde, General Manager of OSADL, was delighted when he learned that OSADL was accepted as OpenChain service partner and pointed out: After having executed a large number of audits and given numerous training courses on open source license compliance, we have learned a fundamental lesson: The most important prerequisite for a company to become license compliant is to establish. [ ] ='https://menafn.com/updates/pr/2021-01/19/EP_99166e47-0_Image_In_Body.png' Width='300' Height='167'/><br/></a><p>The OpenChain Project</p> [<a href=h Microsoft partners with OpenChain Project, simplifying compliance in software supply chain Technology. May 17, 2020. Dale Benton Microsoft partners with OpenChain Project, simplifying compliance in software supply chain. Featured Article. Digital. Microsoft. software supply chain. Technology. A global open source licence compliance project, designed to simplify and make open source license.

Eines der neuesten Projekte ist die OpenChain-Plattform, welche als Blockchain-Plattform für KMUs in China diese Unternehmensgruppe ins Blockchain-Zeitalter onboarden soll. Digital X Entstanden aus der Umfirmierung von Venes Investments Ltd., hat sich das Unternehmen 2017 auf die Entwicklung von Blockchain-Anwendungen und Digital Asset Management-Lösungen spezialisiert Die Kakaobäuerinnen und -bauern gehören den folgenden Partner-Kooperativen an und beliefern Tony's Open Chain: Kooperative: Kapatchiva Kooperative: Kapatchiva Anzahl Bäuerinnen und Bauern: 1.635 Standort: Bonon, Marahoué (Côte d'Ivoire) Kooperative: Ecojad Kooperative: Ecojad Anzahl Bäuerinnen und Bauern: 1.913 Standort: Daloa, Haut-Sassandra (Côte d'Ivoire) Kooperative: Ecam. Joko Winterscheidt macht jetzt Schokolade. Mit der Jokolade möchte er dazu beitragen, Schokolade aus fair gehandeltem Kakao zum Standard zu machen

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Microsoft announces OpenChain 2.0 conformance for open source. Trust is key to open source. Developers should be able to trust users to respect their licensing choices. And when you receive software, you should be able to trust that the open source licenses were followed. The OpenChain Project plays an important role in building trust by. OpenChain Partner Meeting Third Monday Marc

OpenChain Project. January 13 at 11:35 PM ·. SeQuenX BV, a company based in the Netherlands, is the latest vendor to join the OpenChain Project Partner program. Our collaboration will focus on ensuring Dutch companies can get support if required during ISO/IEC 5230 conformance activities Essen/Mülheim a. d. Ruhr (28.04.2021) ALDI Nord und ALDI SÜD schließen sich als erste Discounter der Open Chain von Tony's Chocolonely an. Unter der Eigenmarke Choceur bietet ALDI die neue Schokolade CHOCO CHANGER an, die zu 100 Prozent verantwortungsvoll produziert wird und den Kakaobäuerinnen und -bauern ein existenzsicherndes.

OpenChain is backed by companies such as Microsoft, Toyota, Google, ARM, BMW, Cisco, Oppo, Siemens, Western Digital and Sony. Andrew Katz, Joint Managing Partner of Moorcrofts and CEO of Orcro Limited said: We've been embedded in the development of OpenChain from an early stage, and it's already delivered great results for our clients. OSS ENGINEERING CONSULTANTS PARTNERS WITH THE OPENCHAIN PROJECT. The OpenChain Project builds trust in open source by making open source license compliance simpler and more consistent. The result is that open source license compliance becomes more predictable, understandable and efficient for participants of the software supply chain The OpenChain Project recently welcomed GTC Law Group PC & Affiliates as their latest official partner, bolstering their position in both the North American and global market. GTC partnering with the OpenChain Project marks another milestone in building out global support for user companies adopting OpenChain's industry standard for open source compliance. The OpenChain standard has the.

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use OpenChain across further projects in its community supply chain, leveraging the solution as an assurance of quality in professional re-usable software solutions that can only be accomplished using Open Source software. info@code4health.org Follow our OpenChain partners on Twitter: @openchainproj @SourceCodeCont openchain:partnerminutes. Meeting Materials and Minutes. 2020-03-16 Video Minutes (YouTube) Agenda (PDF) 2020-01-06 Video Minutes (YouTube) Agenda (PDF) 2019-12-02 Audio Minutes (mp3) 2019-10-07 Audio Minutes (mp3) 2019-08-07 Audio Minutes (mp3) Video Minutes (YouTube) openchain/partnerminutes.txt · Last modified: 2020/03/20 13:15 by AlexandraBoehm. Page Tools. Show pagesource; Old revisions. OpenChain Agenda Partner Meeting 08-05-2019 First Meeting Bangalore - January 24, 2020 - Lyra Infosystems is pleased to announce that its now the Official Partner for the Linux Foundation's OpenChain Project. Lyra Infosystems is the first Indian company.

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  1. JOKOLADE verarbeitet Fairtrade-zertifizierten Kakao und ist stolzer Partner der Tony's Open Chain, der transparentesten und fairsten Art Kakao zu handeln. Diese wichtige Mission der JOKOLADE unterstützt REWE nach Kräften, denn das Unternehmen engagiert sich seit Jahren für Fair-Trade- Schokolade und ist beispielsweise Gründungsmitglied des Forums nachhaltiger Kakao. Um die vier.
  2. And Microsoft's efforts to work with the community to improve open source compliance don't stop with OpenChain. We're actively working with ClearlyDefined , which brings clarity to open source component license terms and enables better compliance automation, and the Linux Foundation's TODO Group , where members develop and share best practices for running world-class open source programs
  3. We are excited to partner with Ant Financial's OpenChain, said Wu Xiao, the founder and CEO of WhiteMatrix. The platform offers efficient blockchain development services, facilitates cost.
  4. OPPO legt großen Wert auf Offenheit und Kollaboration; ColorOS - sein mobiles Betriebssystem - ist dabei, ein offeneres und gemeinschaftlicheres Ökosystem für Entwickler und Partner aufzubauen, indem es Quelltexte öffnet und APIs integriert. Andy Wu, Vice President und President der Software Engineering Business Unit bei OPPO, stimmt zu: Wir freuen uns, dem OpenChain Project beizutreten.
  5. Tony's Open Chain ist eine Initiative von Tony's Chocolonely, im Rahmen derer weitere Markenhersteller von Schokoladenprodukten dazu eingeladen werden, gemeinsam darauf hinzuarbeiten, die Standards in der Schokoladenherstellung zu verändern. Mit der Einhaltung der fünf Beschaffungsprinzipien für unsere neue Schokolade ist ALDI nun Teil der Mission, Sklavenarbeit vollständig aus der.
  6. g months is to create a new.

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SpaceChain - Community-based Space Platform. Founded in 2017, SpaceChain is building an open and neutral infrastructure for the New Space Economy by integrating space and blockchain technologies. Our vision is to remove barriers and allow a global community to access and collaborate in space. SpaceChain also offers space-as-a-service for modern. Moxa Joins OpenChain Project as Platinum Member to Support Open Source Compliance. Taipei, Taiwan, Feb 18, 2020—The OpenChain Project, an initiative by the Linux Foundation to streamline open source compliance, announced today that Moxa Inc. has joined as a Platinum member. As a leading provider of industrial edge-to-cloud connectivity and.

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  1. Lyra Infosystems is pleased to announce that its now the Official Partner for the Linux Foundation's OpenChain Project. Lyra Infosystems is the first Indian company to achieve Open Chain 1.0 conformant status with extensive experience of helping companies globally adopt and manage Open Source Software
  2. Und geniale Systeme wie die Open Chain müssen weiter vorangetrieben werden, damit sich wirklich etwas verändern kann. Was wünscht du dir für 2021? Ich würde mir wünschen, dass wir dieses Virus, das uns seit nunmehr einem Jahr begleitet, besser unter Kontrolle bekommen und wir als Gesellschaft endlich verstehen, dass wir nicht stärker werden, wenn wir uns in viele einzelne Gruppierungen.
  3. OpenChain maintains ISO/IEC 5230, the International Standard for open source license compliance. This standard defines the key requirements of a quality open source compliance program, and helps to both reduce errors and increase efficiency across the global supply chain. Our partners, like Hitachi Solutions, help to support companies in adoption and use
  4. OpenChain was released as ISO/IEC 5230:2020 on 14th December 2020. Your open source software legal partner. As one of the foremost Open Source legal practices in Europe, we can provide unmatched expertise in compliance and advice to companies at all stages in the open source journey, and to open source projects worldwide
  5. Source Code Control is an authorized partner of The OpenChain Project- an initiative to solve real-world issues related to open source compliance in the supply chain. What makes us different. We at Source Code Control provide expert-level services with 40 years of experience within the software licensing and asset management industry. Our success records and proven reputation has resulted in.
  6. er in the OpenChain, the transactions are free of.
  7. We partner with enterprise clients and SMEs to elevate their value through innovative technologies. Our 1,500+ experts, located across Europe and the US, provide our clients with a full range of software services. These include custom software development, product design, quality assurance, R&D, smart teams and support and maintenance services. We've been helping industries including.

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Openchain ; Solidity ; Blockchain Solutions. Blockchain Consultancy . Our top-notch Blockchain App Development and Consulting services help you become a part of crypto world revolution with our expertise. Coins & Wallets . Our R&D experts help you to introduce a cryptocurrency including all related software and infrastructure with coins and wallets. Decentralized Apps . OnGraph attempts to. Selecting Technology Solution To Comply With OpenChain ISO Standard. OpenChain ISO/IEC 5230 is the International Standard for open source license compliance. Its relevance to modern software development is growing and it allows companies of all sizes and in all sectors to adopt the key requirements of a quality open source compliance program Find a Partner Collaborating To Turn Insight Into Action. From on-premises to the cloud, Revenera's solutions produce actionable insight for business leaders. We work with the best channel, consulting and technology partners in the business to provide services built around our solutions A blockchain dedicated to fast, intelligent and transparent financial services, accessible by everyone, and enabled on Bitcoin

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Since 1999, credativ ® has been recognized for providing 24/7 open source support that rivals manufacturer support. All PostgreSQL services from a single source - by top-rated PostgreSQL engineers and developers. Ensuring smooth, trouble-free operation of open source software is just one of the many services we offer We also invite user companies across to engage with the OpenChain Project directly via our regular calls, mailing list and events. We see many of our large customers looking to adopt license compliance standards and meet compliance standards such as ISO/IEC 5230. With the current software supply chain challenges, standardization is a key for proper communications between different teams. Openchain Validator (single-node) This template creates a single-node Openchain validator node. The endpoint is exposed over HTTP so it is only recommended for testing and development purposes. Openchain is a Blockchain technology stack suited for organizations wishing to issue and manage digital assets in a robust, secure and scalable way OpenChain. OpenChain is open-sourced and best suited for businesses that want to handle their digital assets. Characterized by security and scalability, this platform uses a client-server architecture where the transactions are validated by the asset admin. Stellar. Stellar is an open-source platform designed to ease the cross-asset.

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  1. The OpenChain Curriculum and all other material is welcome to be translated. As per the OpenChain Specification, we prefer to have one official translation of each item, and we prefer to coordinate translations where possible. Please see below for the official OpenChain translation policy and process
  2. Coinprism Launches OpenChain, an Open-Source Distributed Ledger. Coinprism, the blockchain technology company that developed the Open Assets standard colored coins that is now used by the likes of NASDAQ and Overstock has released Openchain, an open-source distributed ledger targeting financial institutions. Openchain, unlike bitcoin is.
  3. OpenChain; Enterprises who are looking to manage and issue digital assets in a secure and scalable manner, OpenChain is your true mate. It is an open-source distributed ledger technology that hosts a permissible chain of transactions by modifying an internal key-value store. OpenChain offers mixed APIs for building secured crypto apps
  4. Partner with others for new opportunities. Wherever you are in your blockchain journey, IBM Blockchain will meet you there — and help take you where you want to go. Get started now Need blockchain basics first? What's big at IBM Blockchain today? Renault: Driven to succeed through XCEED. To solve the growing problem of processing millions of automotive compliance documents, Renault created.
  5. istrator of an Openchain instance defines the rules of the ledger. End-users can exchange value on the. ledger according to those rules. Every transaction.
  6. Lyra is also the first Indian company to achieve Open Chain 1.0 conformant status, and certified for Open Chain 2.0 conformance. With extensive experience in helping companies adopt and manage Open Source software, Lyra is arguably a pioneer in the OSS domain. We go above and beyond to create value for our clients. 750 + Open Source Audits. 500 + Clients Served. $10 + M. Saved By OSS Adoption.
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Open-chain movements (flyes, curls, extensions, etc.) in the ECO program will be used as isolation exercises to focus on the target muscle — without having to worry about moving your own bodyweight — for better muscle growth. Because hypertrophy is the objective here, keep reps at 10- 12 and decrease rest periods to 1-2 minutes between sets. And keep in mind, the routines listed throughout. OpenChain contains dozens of easy-to-use modules designed to allow networking multiple parties for collaborative solutions and use cases such as supply chain finance, product provenance, digital. Openchain; Multichain; It is important to do an adequate amount of research as it is often easy to get misled by impressive marketing tactics. While choosing a blockchain platform, make sure it suits your budget and ascertain whether they possess an open-source station and whether it has an organized technical team. It would be essential to get advice from someone who has prior blockchain.

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Tony's Open Chain Partnern, sondern haben auch Verbündete in unseren Forderungen für Gesetzesänderungen. Finde mehr darüber heraus in dem Kapitel über Regierungen Vor 20 Jahren unterstützte Big Choco die Idee, illegale Kinderarbeit in der Kakaolieferkette drastisch zu reduzieren. Bis heute hat sich fast nichts verändert. 1,56 Millionen Kinder arbeiten nach wie vor illegal auf. We hope you had as good a time at FOSS Backstage 2021 as we did! Your opinion is important to us, and we are always striving to make our conferences better and more inclusive. It would be a great help for us if you took the time to complete our survey here. about #FOSSBack 2021: It's a wrap TOKYO, DECEMBER 17 - Today Uber, a Platinum Member of the OpenChain Project, announces their conformance to the OpenChain Specification. This builds on their long-standing engagement and commitment to the project and a deep engagement with developing our industry standard, accompanying reference material, and our evolution into a formal ISO standard. The OpenChain Project establishes [

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This article is a follow-up to my two-part article An Introduction to Ardupilot and PX4- Part 1 (Circuit Cellar 357, April 2020) and An Introduction to Ardupilot and PX4- Part 2 (Circuit Cellar 358, May 2020) which was a general introduction to quadrotor drones and the PX4 platform. Although it is intended for beginners who never experimented with drone autonomous flight and/or the. OpenChain is run by user companies for user companies. Our vision is a supply chain where open source is delivered with trusted and consistent compliance information. Our mission is to establish requirements to achieve effective management of open source for software supply chain participants. The OpenChain Project defines the key requirements of a quality open source compliance program. (1996). Thermal Removal of Boc-Protecting Groups During Preparation of Open-Chain Polyamines. Synthetic Communications: Vol. 26, No. 21, pp. 3999-4004

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Our partners at Source Code Control proposed the OpenChain Specification and brought us in to work with the Apperta Foundation, Code4Health initiative, OpenEyes, and AB EHR Digital for a training and pilot program. The result enabled the project participants to meet open source industry best practices. It also helped NHS take the first step in a broader deployment plan across multiple projects. OpenChain is a public blockchain platform developed by Coinprism. This powerful environment helps companies create fantastic system for experimentation. Anyone can spin up a new instance of blockchain on the environment within seconds. Additionally, end-users can exchange values on the ledger according to rules identified by the administrator of the blockchain. Just like with Bitcoin and othe

OpenChain Tooling Work Group Meeting #1 - Agenda SlidesSource Code Control Limited

OpenChain Validator Single Node: Single node for development/test issuing and managing digital assets on the OpenChain platform. We are looking forward to adding our new partner offerings into the marketplace as we transition into the Azure Portal over the next several weeks. We hope to welcome new partners into the Azure Blockchain Ecosystem soon Today China's Ant Financial, the parent of AliPay, officially launched OpenChain, a solution aimed at enabling small and micro enterprises to use blockchain applications for less money and without the need to host their own nodes.The project was first unveiled five months ago as the Ant Blockchain Open Alliance but the English name has now changed 17 Produkte. Schokolade macht auch dich glücklich? Dann gönne dir den Kakaogenuss und lasse zarte Milchschokolade, feine Zartbitterschokolade und raffinierte Schokoladenspezialitäten von ALDI SÜD auf deiner Zunge zergehen. Bei den dargestellten Artikeln handelt es sich um eine Auswahl aus unserem Schokolade Sortiment. Verfeinere deine Suche In unserem Blog finden Sie interessante Neuigkeiten zu unserem Unternehmen sowie branchenspezifischen Themen. Mehr auch unter ☎+49 2166 9901-0 TOKYO, Dec. 16, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- Today Uber, a Platinum Member of the OpenChain Project, announces OpenChain Conformance. This builds on their long-standing engagement and commitment to the. Tony's Open Chain is an initiative by Tony's Chocolonely, where they invite other chocolate brands to join Tony's Open Chain and work together to change the norm in chocolate. By adopting the 5 Sourcing Principles for our new chocolate bar, ALDI has joined the mission to make chocolate 100% slave-free. More on 'Tony's Open Chain'

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