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Answer: a. Explanation: In traditional programming languages like C, a Switch statement is used which is similar to the CASE statement of VHDL. In Switch, like CASE, one value from multiple possible values is chosen and the respective code is executed. 4 The block statement is used to group together concurrent statements in an architecture. Syntax: block_label: block [ ( guard_condition ) ] [ is] [ generic; [ generic_map; ] ] [ port; [ port_map; ] ] [ block_declarations ] begin concurrent_statements end block [ block_label ]; Description VHDL Reference Guide - Block Statement. Block Statement. Concurrent Statement. ---- used in ---->. Architecture. Syntax. label: block (optional_guard_condition) declarations begin concurrent statements end block label; See LRM section 9.1. Rules and Examples

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VHDL code for a 2-bit multiplier - All modeling styles: VHDL code for a priority encoder - All modeling styles: VHDL code for synchronous counters: Up, down, up-down (Behavioral) VHDL code for flip-flops using behavioral method - full code: VHDL code for an encoder using behavioral method - full code and explanatio At the same level, a VHDL component can be connected to define signals within the blocks It is a reference to an entity A process can be a single signal assignment statement or a series of sequential statements (SS) Within a process, procedures and functions can partition the sequential statements This set of VHDL Multiple Choice Questions & Answers (MCQs) focuses on Common Terms used in VHDL. 1. Which of the following is the basic building block of a design? a) Architecture b) Entity c) Process d) Package. 2. A package in VHDL consists of _____ a) Commonly used architectures b) Commonly used tools c) Commonly used data types and subroutine This set of VHDL MCQs on Case Statement - 2. 1. If one wants to perform no action, when any condition is true, then which of the following keyword can be used? a) NO OPERATION; b) NOP; c) NULL; d) NEXT; Answer: c Clarification: A NULL statement is generally used in CASE statement. The system will ignore the null statement and proceed to the next statement. This statement is used to explicitly state that no action is to be performed when a condition is true. Generally, this can be. To comment Verilog Code, one may use: I. A Double‐slash // for a single‐line comment. II. Multiple Double‐slashes (one per line) for a multiple‐line comment. III. A Block‐comment /* */ for a single‐line comment. IV. A Block‐comment /* */ for a multiple‐line comment. a. I and I

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  1. 250+ TOP MCQs on LOOP Statement - 1 and Answers. This set of VHDL Multiple Choice Questions & Answers (MCQs) on LOOP Statement - 1. 1. A loop statement is used where we needs to ________. a) Select one from many choices. b) Check a condition. c) Repeat the statements. d) Choose one from two cases. Answer: c
  2. Answer Explanation. ANSWER: Both a and b. Explanation: No explanation is available for this question! 2) The 'next' statements skip the remaining statement in the ________ iteration of loop and execution starts from first statement of next iteration of loop. a
  3. g control. Regular event control ; Named event control ; Event OR control ; Level-sensitive ti
  4. VHDL multiple conditional statement. In this post, we have introduced the conditional statement. The IF-THEN-ELSE is a VHDL statement that allows implementing a choice between different options. When the number of options greater than two we can use the VHDL ELSIF clause. In case of multiple options, VHDL provides a more powerful statement both in the concurrent and sequential version
  5. g MCQ UNIX System MCQ Neural Networks MCQ Fuzzy Systems MCQ. GATE CSE MCQs. Computer Architecture MCQ DBMS MCQ Networking MCQ. C Programs. C - Arrays and Pointers. C - Stacks and Queues. C - Linked Lists. C - Matrices. Discussion Forum. Que. A statement used to close the IF block. a. ELSE: b. ELSEIF: c. END: d. ENDIF: Answer: ENDIF.

Use a softcore (e.g. microblaze) and a memory, those two fully coded in vhdl/verilog. Then write software that runs on the softcore and that software will do the actual work of parsing and. PLC MCQ#4. Statement 1: The instance data block is assigned to logical block Statement 2: Shared data block is never assigned to logical block. Both statements are incorrect; Statement 1 is correct, 2 is wrong; Statement 2 is correct, 1 is wrong; Both statements are correct; Correct answer: 4. Both statements are correc I have the following from a beginner's VHDL tutorial: rising_edge: block (clk'event and clk = '1') begin result <= guarded input or force after 10ns; end block rising_edge. The explanatory text is. Essentially I have a block called rising_edge, and it's a block with a guard condition which does the following, it checks that we have an. Consider the following choices below. To comment Verilog Code, one may use: I A Double-slash // for a single-line comment. II Multiple Double-slashes (one per line) for a multiple-line comment. III A Block-comment /* */ for a single-line comment. IV A Block-comment /* */ for a multiple-line comment. A The if statement is a conditional statement which uses boolean conditions to determine which blocks of VHDL code to execute. Whenever a given condition evaluates as true, the code branch associated with that condition is executed. This statement is similar to conditional statements used in other programming languages such as C. The code shown below shows the basic syntax for the if statement.

The VHDL language allows several wait statements in a process. When used to model combinational logic for synthesis, a process may contain only one wait statement. If a process contains a wait statement, it cannot contain a sensitivity list. The process in Example 6.3, which contains an explicit wait statement, is equivalent to the process in Example 6.1, which contains a sensi-tivity list Using Process (in VHDL) or Always Block (in Verilog) with Clocks. If you are unfamiliar with the basics of a Process or Always Block, go back and read this page about how to use a Process/Always Block to write Combinational Code. Writing sequential code is different. For sequential logic, a Process/Always Block can have at most two signals in its sensitivity list. If the Process/Always Blocks. VHDL Conditional Statement. VHDL is a Hardware Description Language that is used to describe at a high level of abstraction a digital circuit in an FPGA or ASIC. When we need to perform a choice or selection between two or more choices, we can use the VHDL conditional statement. Since the VHDL is a concurrent language, it provides two different solutions to implement a conditional statement.

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The following tutorial procedure will demonstrate how to use these statements to develop test benches for your own modules. Updated February 12, 2012 3 Tutorial Procedure The best way to learn to write your own VHDL test benches is to see an example. For the purposes of this tutorial, we will create a test bench for the four-bit adder used in Lab 4. For the impatient, actions that you need to. Further, 'begin - end' is added in line 12-15 of Listing 4.3, which is used to define multiple statements inside 'if', 'else if' or 'else' block. Fig. 4.5 shows the waveform generated by Modelsim for Listing 4.3. Note that, we are generating the exact designs as the VHDL tutorials, therefore line 22-23 are used. Also, we can remove the line 22-23, and change line 20 with 'else', which will also work correctly Step2: Create VHDL Source. To add the VHDL source in VHDL, click on New Source in the project Wizard, or click on the Project ->New Source. Type your file name, specify the location, and select VHDL Module as the source type. Make sure that the Add to Project check box is selected, then click on the Next. Step 3: Assign the ports for VHDL sourc Block statement. A block statement enables a procedure to execute a group of two or more statements to act and execute syntactically like a single statement. There are two types of block statements. These are: Sequential Block; Parallel Block; Sequential Block. Statements inside this block are executed sequentially. You can add delay time in each of its statements. That will be relative to the.

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  1. Unlike VHDL, all data types used in a Verilog model are defined by the Verilog language and not by the user. There are net data types, for example wire, and a register data type called reg. A model with a signal whose type is one of the net data types has a corresponding electrical wire in the implied modeled circuit. Objects, that is signals, of type reg hold their value over simulation delta.
  2. In Section 10.2.3, we saw the use of process statement for writing the testbench for combination circuits. But, in the case of sequential circuits, we need clock and reset signals; hence two additional blocks are required. Since, clock is generated for complete simulation process, therefore it is defined inside the separate process statement.
  3. Answer: b. Explanation: Entity is the basic building block; all the information regarding input and output of the circuit to be designed is declared in Entity. advertisement. 2. A package in VHDL consists of _________. a) Commonly used architectures. b) Commonly used tools
  4. The component instantiation statement of VHDL does exactly this, Functions to be performed are isolated in block declarations. The activation of blocks is controlled by guarded statements. All signal assignments transpire concurrently. The data-flow description is suitable for description and simulation of signal-flow graphs. We illustrate some of the basic concepts used in VHDL by the.
  5. Block statement. A block statement enables a procedure to execute a group of two or more statements to act and execute syntactically like a single statement. There are two types of block statements. These are: Sequential Block; Parallel Block; Sequential Block. Statements inside this block are executed sequentially. You can add delay time in each of its statements. That will be relative to the.

null statement Used when a statement is needed but there is nothing to do. [ label: ] null; null; Other Links . VHDL help page Lots of sample VHDL code, from very simple, through I/O, to complex Hamburg VHDL Archive (the best set of links I have seen!) RASSP Project VHDL Tools VHDL Organization Home Pag Advertisements. VHDL stands for very high-speed integrated circuit hardware description language. It is a programming language used to model a digital system by dataflow, behavioral and structural style of modeling. This language was first introduced in 1981 for the department of Defense (DoD) under the VHSIC program Answer. In VHDL it is not possible to read a output (signal out in entity). Then you have the type buffer, with is a output, but it is possible to read. But iti is two problems: - One signal.

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VHDL case Statement. The case statement operates sequentially and can only be used inside a sequential block of code such as a process. The case construct starts with the case keyword followed by an identifier (A in our example) and the is keyword. The case construct is terminated with end case; One or more when statements are contained in the case construct. In the decoder, the logic level of. Updated February 12, 2012 3 Tutorial Procedure The best way to learn to write your own VHDL test benches is to see an example. For the purposes of this tutorial, we will create a test bench for the four-bit adder used in Lab 4. For the impatient, actions that you need to perform have key words in bold. 1

If only one value is specified, it is used for all three delays. If two are given, they are used for the rise- and fall-delays respectively. The turn-off delay (the time taken for the output to go to a high impedance state) is taken to be the minimum of these values. Alternatively, all three values can be explicitly set. The use of delays is. It is treated as a wire So it can not hold a value. It can be driven and read. Wires are used for connecting different modules. Reg : Reg is a date storage element in system verilog. Its not a actual hardware register but it can store values. Register retain there value until next assignment statement

Answer A multiplexer is a combinational circuit which selects one of many input signals and directs to the only output. 4. What is a ring counter? Answer A ring counter is a type of counter composed of a circular shift register. The output of the last shift register is fed to the input of the first register PL/SQL Packages objective type questions with answers and explanation (MCQs) for job interview and placement tests. This PL/SQL Packages online test is useful for beginners, freshers, experienced developers, lecturers preparing for GATE, job interview, university, semester exams, certification etc. PL/SQL Packages question bank & quiz comprising samples, examples, code, queries, output.

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10.2.3. Testbench with process statement¶ In Listing 10.3, process statement is used in the testbench; which includes the input values along with the corresponding output values. If the specified outputs are not matched with the output generated by half-adder, then errors will be generated Most logic synthesis tools accept one-dimensional arrays of other supported types. 1-D arrays of 1-D arrays are often supported. Some tols also allow true 2-D arrays, but not more dimensions. Note that arrays are usually implemented using gates and flip-flops, not ROM's and RAM's. Array types have not changed in VHDL -93 The NAND Boolean function has the property of functional completeness.This means, any Boolean expression can be re-expressed by an equivalent expression utilizing only NAND operations. For example, the function NOT(x) may be equivalently expressed as NAND(x,x). In the field of digital electronic circuits, this implies that it is possible to implement any Boolean function using just NAND gates

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always block Syntax always @(condition) begin //Code end Blocks starting with keyword always run simultaneously. @ symbol is used to specify the condition which should be satisfied for the execution of this block How are those regions used? MCQ in Microelectronics Part 1 as part of the Electronics Engineering Board Exam. VLSI Fabrication MCQ: Type-1 (Maximum marks to be allotted =1) 1. Navneet Chakor is a founder of Sarkari Naukari Update. Here we covered total 200+ MCQ of VLSI design and technology with answer. For more about site please,check our.

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  1. The always statement has a sequential block enclosed between the keywords case and endcase . The block is executed whenever any of the inputs listed after the @ symbol changes in value. The case statement is multiway conditional branch condition. The case expression (select) is evaluated and compared with the values in the list of statements that follow. The first value that matches the true.
  2. Sometimes, there is more than one way to do something in VHDL. OK, most of the time, you can do things in many ways in VHDL. Let's look at the situation where you want to assign different values to a signal, based on the value of another signal. With / Select . The most specific way to do this is with as selected signal assignment. Based on several possible values of a, you assign a value to.
  3. I The assign statement places a value (a binding) on a wire I Also known as a continuous assign I A simple way to build combinatorial logic I Confusing for complex functions I Must be used outside a procedural statement (always) //two input mux, output is z, inputs in1, in2, sel assign z = (a | b); assign a = in1 & sel; assign b = in2 & ~sel
  4. Lines 8 to 11 use the Verilog if statement that was discussed in our previous article. When the always block gets activated, the reset is checked. If it's logic high, the DFF output is reset (q <= 1'b0). If reset is not logic high, then it's the clk signal that has experienced a rising edge and the DFF output should get the value of input (q <= d). Note that.
  5. Switch Level Modeling. The switch level of modeling provides a level of abstraction between the logic and analog-transistor levels of abstraction. It describes the interconnection of transmission gates, which are abstractions of individual MOS and CMOS transistors. The switch level transistors are modeled as being either on or off, conducting.
  6. Parity Check • The Simplest method Available - it's a linear, systematic block code • 2 Parity Check Methods are there: • Simple Parity - For Single bit Errors • Two Dimensional - For Burst Errors • How to use Parity Methods? • Parity Generate - Sender's Side • Parity Detect - Receiver's Side 7 8. Single Parity Check(VRC) Vertical Redundancy Check • In Single parity.

Both of these operations are used to implement process synchronization. The goal of this semaphore operation is to get mutual exclusion. Wait for Operation. This type of semaphore operation helps you to control the entry of a task into the critical section. However, If the value of wait is positive, then the value of the wait argument X is decremented. In the case of negative or zero value, no. Ring counters are used to count the data in a continuous loop. They are also used to detect the various numbers values or various patterns within a set of information, by connecting AND & OR logic gates to the ring counter circuits. 2 stage, 3 stage and 4 stage ring counters are used in frequency divider circuits as divide by 2 and divide by 3 and divide by 4 circuits, respectively. The 3. VHDL Syntax Coding Style: Behavioral, Data Flow, Structural, Hybrid. The term structural modeling is the terminology that VHDL uses for the modular design: if you are designing a complex project, you should split in two or more simple design in order to easy handle the complexity. The benefits of modular design in VHDL are similar to the benefits that modular design or object-oriented design. The initial block has only one statement and hence it is not necessary to place the statement within begin and end. This statement assigns the value 2'b10 to a when the initial block is started at time 0 units. What happens if there is a delay element ? The code shown below has an additional statement that assigns some value to the signal b. However this happens only after 10 time units from. Combination of always block and case procedural statement is used to implement the multiplexer. All inputs are added as part of the sensitivity list. Select signal s is used as condition here. Based on value of select signal s, any one of the input signal will be selected. Here we are implementing the functionality of multiplexer at higher-level of abstraction without.

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  1. The left argument of a statement in an initial or always block may be a wire. T F 12. One must always declare the data type of a signal before using that signal within a design. T F 13. It is NOT necessary for a task to have inputs and outputs. T F 14. Use of Blocking Assignments is preferable to Non-Blocking Assignments because race conditions are less likely to occur. T F 15. Verilog.
  2. Simple vending machine using state machines in VHDL A state machine, is a model of behavior composed of a finite number of states, transitions between those states, and actions.It is like a flow graph where we can see how the logic runs when certain conditions are met. state machines are used to solve complicated problems by breaking them into many simple steps
  3. The Wait Until statement will pause until an event causes the condition to become true: wait until <condition>; In fact, Wait On, Wait Until and Wait For can be combined: wait on <signal_name1> until <condition> for <time_value>; This example will pause for 10 nanoseconds, or until signal1 changes and signal2 is equal to signal3
  4. Block RAM. Memory resources are another key specification to consider when selecting FPGAs. User-defined RAM, embedded throughout the FPGA chip, is useful for storing data sets or passing values between parallel tasks. Depending on the FPGA family, you can configure the onboard RAM in blocks of 16 or 36 kb. You still have the option to implement data sets as arrays using flip-flops; however.
  5. It is always used for the variables, whose values are assigned inside the 'always' block. Also, input port can not be defined as variable group. 'reg' and 'integer' are the example of variable group, which can be synthesized. We will use only 'reg' for designing purpose. 3.4. Logic values¶ Verilog has four logic values i.e. 0, 1, z and x as shown in Table 3.1, Table 3.1 Logic.
  6. Statement coverage is used to derive scenario based upon the structure of the code under test. In White Box Testing, the tester is concentrating on how the software works. In other words, the tester will be concentrating on the internal working of source code concerning control flow graphs or flow charts. Generally in any software, if we look at the source code, there will be a wide variety of.
  7. VHDL Verilog. 4 ECE 232 Verilog tutorial 7 Hardware Description Language - Verilog ° Represents hardware structure and behavior ° Logic simulation: generates waveforms //HDL Example 1 //-----module smpl_circuit(A,B,C,x,y); input A,B,C; output x,y; wire e; and g1(e,A,B); not g2(y,C); or g3(x,e,y); endmodule ° Detect errors before fabrication ECE 232 Verilog tutorial 8 ° Lines that begin.

A multiplexer is the most frequently used combinational circuit and it is an important building block in many in digital systems. These are mostly used to form a selected path between multiple sources and a single destination. A basic multiplexer has various data input lines and a single output line. These are found in many digital system applications such as data selection and data routing. A cyclic code is a linear (n, k) block code with the property that every cyclic shift of a codeword results in another code word. Here k indicates the length of the message at transmitter (the number of information bits). n is the total length of the message after adding check bits. (actual data and the check bits). n, k is the number of check bits. The codes used for cyclic redundancy check. D Flip Flop With Preset and Clear: - The flip flop is a basic building block of sequential logic circuits.- It is a circuit that has two stable states and can store one bit of state information. - The output changes state by signals applied to one or more control inputs. - The basic The ALU is used for all instruction classes, and always performs one of the five functions in the right-hand column of Table 4.1. For branch instructions, the ALU performs a subtraction, whereas R-format instructions require one of the ALU functions. The ALU is controlled by two inputs: (1) the opcode from a MIPS instruction (six most significant bits), and (2) a two-bit control field (which.

SPI is a common communication protocol used by many different devices. For example, I especially like the fact you brought up an answer many of us would have with this statement, With I2C and UART, data is sent in packets, making clear there is no header data along with encapsulation. Great Job. Black Hack Wireless. Reply . Wannachat Surasiang on February 15, 2016 at 6:51 pm Thank. It may very well reduce to that. I haven't used any algebra to minimize the function, just the Karnaugh map. In any case, the function itself is not as relevant as the end goal of the question. Technically, I am interested in the implementation itself regardless of what the function looks like. \$\endgroup\$ - user1969903 Sep 5 '16 at 23:3 The three common HDLs are Verilog, VHDL, and SystemC. Of these, SystemC is the newest. The HDLs will allow fast design and better verification. In most of the industries, Verilog and VHDL are common. Verilog, one of the main Hardware Description Language standardized as IEEE 1364 is used for designing all types of circuits. It consists of.

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  1. In general, any arrangement of a m number of flip-flops can be used to construct any MOD counter. A common modulus for counters with truncated sequences is ten (1010), called MOD-10. A counter with ten states in its sequence is known as a decade counter. Decade counters are useful for interfacing to digital displays
  2. Selection: if statement It is important to keep track of indentation, so that each statement is in the correct block. It doesn't matter that there's an empty line between the last line of the inner if statement and the following print statement - they are still both part of the same block (the outer if body) because they are indented by the same amount. We can use empty lines.
  3. g languages
  4. g with a fixed number of.
  5. Serial In Serial Out (SISO) shift registers are a kind of shift registers where both data loading as well as data retrieval to/from the shift register occurs in serial-mode. Figure 1 shows a n-bit synchronous SISO shift register sensitive to positive edge of the clock pulse. Here the data word which is to be stored is fed bit-by-bit at the input of the first flip-flop

This decoder can be used for decoding any 3-bit code to provide eight outputs, corresponding to eight different combinations of the input code. This is also called a 1 of 8 decoder, since only one of eight output lines is HIGH for a particular input combination. Fig (1): Logic diagram of 3 to 8 decoder. It is also called a binary-to-octal decoder, since the inputs represent 3-bit binary. The goal of this module is to enable learners to apply basic logic gates and Boolean expressions to digital circuits. Objectives. A learner will be able to: Explain the difference between analog and digital quantities. Give examples of binary numbers and describe their structure. Give examples of hexadecimal and octal number systems and convert. MCQ; WatElectronics.com. You are here: Home / Basics / Types of Encoders and Decoders with Truth Tables & Applications. Types of Encoders and Decoders with Truth Tables & Applications. September 26, 2019 By admin. The encoders and decoders play an essential role in digital electronics projects; encoders & decoders are used to convert data from one form to another form. These are frequently. Arithmetic Shift operations can be used for dividing or multiplying an integer variable. Multiplication by left shift: The result of a Left Shift operation is a multiplication by 2 n , where n is the number of shifted bit positions. Example: Let's take the decimal number 2 represented as 4 bit binary number 0010. By shifting in to the left with one position we get 0100 which is 4 in decimal. When low tolerance resistors and capacitors are used these High Pass Active filters provide good accuracy and performance. Active High Pass Filter . High Pass Filter using Op-amp is also known as an active high pass filter because along with passive elements capacitor and resistor an active element Op-amp is used in the circuit. Using this active element we can control the cutoff frequency and.

• But since there are times when the always block executes but q isn't assigned (e.g., when g=0), the synthesizer has to arrange to remember the value of old value of q even if d is changing, • And it will infer the need for a storage element,(latch, register,..). • Sometimes this inference happens even when you don't mean it to. • You have to be careful to always ensure an. A comparator used to compare two binary numbers each of four bits is called a 4-bit magnitude comparator. It consists of eight inputs each for two four bit numbers and three outputs to generate less than, equal to and greater than between two binary numbers. In a 4-bit comparator the condition of A>B can be possible in the following four cases: If A3 = 1 and B3 = 0; If A3 = B3 and A2 = 1 and. Multiple assignment statements in the same always block are executed in the order written. zIn other words a blocking assignment statement will block until the assignment is complete before going to the next statement. zHence Q1 first gets D and then Q2 gets the new value of Q1 in the previous example. What we need is an assignment that does not change the state variables until the. At a single instance, only one output is chosen through selection inputs and it is directed to the output. Demultiplexers are used in many of the applications as because they are in available as. 1: 2 demux; 1:4 demux; 1:16 demux; 1:32 demux; Let's be clear with 1:2 demux. Block Diagram - This is the basic block diagram of how a 1:2 demux.

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For example, a 3-stage johnson counter can be used as a 3-phase and 120 degrees phase shift square wave generator. 5-stage Johnson counter is used as a synchronous decade counter (CD4017) or divider circuit. 2-stage acts as a quadrature oscillator or generator that produces individual output signals of 90 degrees each concerning the input signal. Truth Table . Consider the truth table of the 3. Symbols used in data flow diagrams. Each of the above elements has a symbol that represents it. Typically, data flow diagram uses the following symbols: The above ones are so-called symbols of Yourdon and Coad. There is also the symbol system of Gane and Sarson, but in our data flow diagram examples, we will use Yourdon and Coad symbols as they are easier for drawing and remembering. DFD rules. You'll find UARTs being used in many DIY electronics projects to connect GPS modules, It is a very confusing statement, because I2C and SPI perform a similar low level task - transmitting and receiving bytes between devices. A UART doesnt have to be a physical IC, and it doesnt even need to be circuitry inside a microcontroller - just like I2C and SPI it can be implemented entirely. To do that I have used two push buttons are inputs for the control pins A and B. And used a series of potential divider combinations to provide variable voltages for the pins 12, 14, 15 and 11. The output pin 13 is connected to an LED. The variable voltages supplied to the LED will make it to vary the brightness based on the control signals. The multiplexer circuit once build will look. Description. if expression, statements, end evaluates an expression , and executes a group of statements when the expression is true. An expression is true when its result is nonempty and contains only nonzero elements (logical or real numeric). Otherwise, the expression is false. The elseif and else blocks are optional

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Parallel In Parallel Out (PIPO) shift registers are the type of storage devices in which both data loading as well as data retrieval processes occur in parallel mode. Figure 1 shows a PIPO register capable of storing n-bit input data word (Data in). Here each flip-flop stores an individual bit of the data in appearing as its input (FF 1 stores B 1 appearing at D 1; FF 2 stores B 2 appearing at. We can create the same counting sequence used in the Asynchronous counter by making a situation where each flip-flops change its state depending on whether or not all preceding flip-flops output is HIGH in logic. But in this scenario, there will be no ripple effect just because all flip-flops are clocked at the same time. Synchronous Down Counter Slight changes in AND section, and using the. IEEE 802.15.4 is an important standard for Low Rate Wireless Personal Area Network (LRWPAN). The IEEE 802.15.4 presents a flexible MAC protocol that provides good efficiency for data transmission by adapting its parameters according to characteristics of different applications. In this research work, some restrictions of this standard are explained and an improvement of traffic efficiency by. If the statement executes code or statement block only when the condition is true. It is a conditional programming keyword used to give conditions to the program on Matlab. It has three parts if statement, else statement and else if statement if-else statement in Matlab. If the first expression or condition is true then ' if ' statement executes. If the expression is false then else. synopsis title sequence detector using moore fsm team members details: abstract is the one which detects the transition from one state to another state an

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