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SX63: aktuell nicht verfügbar: aktuell nicht verfügbar: SX133: aktuell nicht verfügbar: aktuell keine Lieferterminangabe möglich: SX293: aktuell nicht verfügbar : aktuell keine Lieferterminangabe möglich: DX152 (immer customized)-bis zu ca. 1-3 Arbeitstage* DX181 (immer customized)-aktuell keine Lieferterminangabe möglich: DX292 (immer customized)-bis zu ca. 1-3 Arbeitstage. Restart Plex and the agent is ready to go. Using the agent your Youtube content will show with correct metadata in Plex: First off you have to set up your library. Use a Series Library and set the scanner to Plex Series Scanner and the Agent to Youtube-DL. Add the Youtube folder where you want your content to be saved SX63: currently no delivery date: currently no delivery date: SX133: currently no delivery date: currently no delivery date: SX293: currently no delivery date : currently no delivery date: DX152 (always customized)-up to about 8-10 workdays* DX181 (always customized)-currently not available: DX292 (always customized)-up to about 8-10 workdays* Server auction (SB-Line) few minutes - up to about. Hetzner Online выделенный сервер EX. Хостинг на высококачественном сервере с неограниченным. Also hetzner does not allow you to add ssds to sx63, so 10gbit is worthless on that server. At best, maybe you can do 3gbit or around there with those rust slabs running inn raid-10 Sure, but at Hetzner it's 1 Gbit, dual 1 Gbit, or 10 Gbit

up to about 10-12 workdays*. PX93 (always customized) -. up to about 4-5 workdays*. SX63 for orders done before 25th Feb. up to about 20-22 workdays*. up to about 22-24 workdays*. SX63 for orders done from 25th Feb. currently no delivery date EFI system partition Last change on 2021-05-07 • Created on 2020-03-19 Introduction. The EFI system partition (or ESP) is an OS independent partition formatted in FAT12, FAT16 or FAT32 that acts as the storage place for the EFI bootloaders and drivers to be launched by the UEFI firmware, and it is mandatory for the UEFI boot The entry model, the SX63, comes with 4 x 16 TB enterprise HDDs. The other two models take it to the next level. We've equipped both with speedy data center NVMe SSDs — 2 x 960 GB for the SX133, and 2 x 1.92 TB for the SX293. Plus you'll say oooh for the oodles of HDDs; the SX133 comes with 10 x 16 TB, while the SX293 has a whopping 14 x 16 TB. We've mounted all three models with Intel. Hetzner Status. On this site, you'll find status reports about Hetzner Online's products and services. Log into your account on the Hetzner administration interfaces to subscribe to email notifications about status reports which affect specific products

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SX63 aktuell keine Lieferterminangabe möglich aktuell keine Lieferterminangabe möglich warum bieten die denn auch an wenn nicht lieferbar ist das doch doof das marketing Also einen alternative anbieter für ähnlich großen sotrage server kann ruhig schlechteren cpu haben und weniger ram nur HDD solte vergleichbar groß oder auch gern größer sein hab schon gesucht die tage aber nix. Finden Sie Ihren verlässlichen Wunschserver, egal ob für Dauerauslastung, stetig wachsende Datenmengen oder schnelle und parallele Verarbeitung

SX63 - Helsinki: Details Visit . SX133 - Helsinki: Details Visit . SX293 - Helsinki: Details Visit . Add your review . 4.4/5 - Great price and performance, support only via email. Reviewed by Kristian Polso on the 13th of February 2019 at 06:21:05 (UTC) Hetzner's price seem unmatchable, at least in Europe. Also if you are really price conscious, I recommend checking out their Server Auction. SX63 от € / установка € 1.1 The following terms and conditions apply to all business relationships between the customer and Hetzner Online GmbH, following named as us. The governing law is that which was valid when the contract was put into effect. 1.2 Dissenting, conflicting or additional customer terms and conditions, even if acknowledged, are not part of the. Host Machine for Sidekick (non pro version): Hetzner SX63. File system: ZFS. ARC size: 8GB. Tell me if you want any more info. 7. Reply. Share. Report Save. Continue this thread level 1. 4 days ago. I was reading a blog post that listed it with a number of other seedboxes the blog recommended. 90% of the recent comments (it was an older 2019 post that was rewritten) are people spamming their. Will buy your hetzner SX63 & EX51-SSD-GPU. Mr_Parham 126 views 0 comments 0 points Started by Mr_Parham June 7 General. Looking to buy some WordPress plugins. Mariomk 265 views 3 comments 0 points Most recent by veeble June 7 Requests. NetDynamics LLC - Backup storage now with unmetered traffic. NetDynamics24 1.2K views 25 comments 0 points Most recent by skorupion June 7 Offers. $10/y LXC. I219-LM-Low-Performance-Solution. 专门为Hetzner PX61设计。跑完会重启。 好像SX63也能用这个。 不是PX61和SX63你跑出问题的,别来发issue,你自己debug

Giải pháp file server của mình tư vấn cho bạn sẽ như sau : -mua 1 con SX63 (64TB/64Euro) để chứa file. Nếu chỉ dùng 30TB thì cài raid 1. -mua n con server SB loại 2x3TB (giá loanh quanh tầm 23E-24E) để làm proxy và cache File. Việc phân tải thực hiện trên các con server loại SB này خرید و انتقال Hetzner - SX63 - FSN. آغاز شده توسط Mr_Parham, June 6th, 2021 21:22. پاسخ ها: 0 نمایش ها: 26; رتبه0 / 5; آخرین ارسال توسط . Mr_Parham. نمایش مشخصات مشاهده ارسال های انجمن پیام شخصی June 6th, 2021, 21:22. نیازمند سرور با هارد ذخیره سازی بالا(سرور دانلو

سرور اختصاصی از دیتاسنتر هتزنر آلمان بدون هزینه ستاپ و کانفیگ رایگان ، با امکان نصب سیستم عامل دلخواه و پنل مدیریتی جهت ریستارت و پنل kvm در مواقع ضرور Hetzner. Выделенный сервер . Специальное предложение. Аукцион серверов от € / установка 0 € Выделенные серверы AMD. AX41 € / установка € AX51 от € / установка € Выделенные серверы AMD High-IO. AX41-NVMe от € / установка € AX51-NVMe от € / уст Hetzner mới down 1 phát nguyên ngày mà anh ko để ý Lần đầu bị lâu như vậy, mất thu nhập. --- Double Post Merged, Apr 14, 2021 , Original Post Date: Apr 14, 2021 --- Nhưng nhìn chung thì HN vẫn ngon

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  1. Der SX63 ist leider nur mit argh langer Wartezeit orderbar :/ @SIR_Thomas_TMC . SIR_Thomas_TMC Lt. Commander. Dabei seit Aug. 2014 Beiträge 1.291. 3. März 2021 #28 Zitat von madmax2010: Aktuell.
  2. Hetzner 存储型服务器SX63,高达4x16TB HDD的企业级硬盘,并配置Intel®Xeon E3 1275v5处理器、64G DDR4 ECC内存和1Gbps宽带,硬盘设备支持热插拔,更换时无需重启服务器
  3. 860 members in the hetzner community. Press J to jump to the feed. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. Log In Sign Up. User account menu. 6. Quality shitpost for my Hetzner friends. Close. 6. Posted by 1 year ago. Archived. Quality shitpost for my Hetzner friends. 2 comments. share. save. hide. report . 100% Upvoted. This thread is archived. New comments cannot be.
  4. Hetzner这家技术相当的可以,去官方看下文档就知道了。后台也非常的友好,支持各种重装、raid等。大盘鸡杜甫性价比非常高,博主有个这家的杜甫,使用下来非常推荐。这家的账号验证严格,如需代购可以联系博主。 Hetzner 存储型服务器SX63,高达4x16TB HDD的企业级硬盘,并配置Intel®Xeon E3 1275v5处理.

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  1. HZ(hetzner) SX 机器有过免安装费的时候么,341619932大佬: 以前62 ,40t的那款有活动免过么,现在想要那台sx63的 快乐的小2b大佬: 没有,不过我账号里现在有一台,等用完可以push走。 remarkable大佬: 黑五可能有活动,也可以去hz官方提供的交易论坛发帖求机子https.
  2. HZ(hetzner) SX 机器有过免安装费的时候么. 341619932大佬: 以前62 ,40t的那款有活动免过么,现在想要那台sx63的 快乐的小2b大佬: 没有,不过我账号里现在有一台,等用完可以push走。 remarkable大佬: 黑五可能
  3. درخواست سرور sx63 بدون ستاپ ; در صورتی که برای اولین بار از این سایت بازدید میکنید, لازم است تا راهنمای سایت را مطالعه فرمایید. در صورتی که هنوز عضو نشده اید برای ارسال مطالب , دانلود فایل ها, دسترسی به انجمن های ویژه.
  4. Hetzner,德国老牌商家,成立于1997年,拥有自建数据中心。服务器特点是性价比高,G口独享大带宽,不限流量,是目前全球最受欢迎的独立服务器销售商,客户包括CentOS,Avast,Bitdefender等。 Hetzner 64TB存储大盘鸡 芬兰上架,怪兽级存储服务器,低至1欧元/T
  5. Hetzner 存储型服务器SX63,高达4x16TB HDD的企业级硬盘,并配置Intel®Xeon E3 1275v5处理器、64G DDR4 ECC内存和1Gbps宽带,硬盘设备支持热插拔,更换时无需重启服务器。 CPU:Intel®Xeon E3 1275v5; 内存:64G DDR4 ECC; 硬盘:4x16TB HDD; 流量:#无限流量# 带宽:1Gbps; 端口:1*IPv4 + IPv6 /64; 其他:VNC、RDNS、DDOS防御和防火墙.
  6. Yo uso Hetzner para almacenar - Fijate el SX63 64 TB de Storage (4 x 16 TB) por solo 63 euros mensual. negrofloo. Gamma. Verificación en dos pasos desactivada. Verificado por Whatsapp. Desde 20 Nov 2019 Mensajes 164. 4 Mar 2021 #4 MajesticCat dijo: Solo almacenar? Si es asi, dudo que un RDP compartido te vaya a dar tanto espacio para eso.. Lo mejor es irse por un dedicado con bastante storage.
  7. hetzner SX63 64欧/月,4x16tb不好吗? colorama 8小时前. 引用 15 楼 naohion 发表于 2021-3-6 17:46 怎么说. 用着用着机器就连不上 开工单后再跟你说换机器 clf42 8小时前. 引用 16 楼 直接上hz就完事了 游客. 17 楼 回帖 . 返回. 发新帖. naohion. 主题数 99948: 帖子数 1404146: 注册排名 2: 搜索. 精彩推荐. chiphell 游戏性能.

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  1. Hetzner 64TB存储大盘鸡 芬兰上架E3-1275v5/64GB DDR4 ECC/4x16TB HDD/无限流量@1Gbps芬兰: 64欧元/月德国: 69欧元/月https://www.hetzner.com/dedicated.
  2. سرور اختصاصی آلمان توسط دیتاسنتر Hetzner ارائه می گردد و به منظور استفاده به عنوان مجازی سازی، هاست اشتراکی و.. قیمت فوق‌العاده‌ای دار
  3. 收HZ Hetzner大盤雞 . 0. 美國VPS綜合 引用: shangpan 發表於 2021-4-27 15:38 SX63 最近都沒有貨了,主要是安裝費太高了,要不然當時都搞一臺來了。 是啊,上車晚了。Hetzner很多都是玩PT的吧,確實不需要這麼大。 siyi 2021-04-27 08:35:48 #3. 只有SX系列能滿足,不過SX系列現在交貨遙遙無期 八方客 2021-04-27 08:35:48.

hetzner Hetzner 新品德国 AMD 5950X 高性能服务器,月付€117.81EUR. Hetzner 存储型服务器SX63,高达4x16TB HDD的企业级硬盘,并配置Intel®Xeon E3 分类 VPS资讯 标签 hetzner、 Hetzner优惠码、 Hetzner官网、 Hetzner折扣码、 大盘鸡、 无限流量. 搜索: 热门文章. 哪些路由器可刷老毛子固件(Padavan)? 品牌型号. Dedicated Root Server Hosting - Hetzner Online GmbH Find your reliable dream server, optimized for high capacity use, ever-growing storage needs or rapid and parallel processing. 6.2K views 09:2 Hetzner 存储型服务器SX63,高达4x16TB HDD的企业级硬盘,并配置Intel®Xeon E3 1275v5处理器、64G DDR4 ECC内存和1Gbps宽带,硬盘设备支持热插拔,更换时无需重启服务器。 CPU:Intel®Xeon E3 1275v5 内存:64G DDR4 ECC 硬盘:4x16TB HDD 流量:#无限流量# 带宽:1Gbps 端口:1*IPv4 + IPv6 /64 其他:VNC、RDNS、DDOS防御和防火墙.

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  1. Hetzner Online GmbH: Выделенный сервер AX61-NVM
  2. Hetzner Online Gmb
  3. Hetzner 德国/芬兰存储服务器,E3/64GB/64TB HDD/1Gbps无限/月付€64 VPS收割
  4. Quality shitpost for my Hetzner friends
  5. Hetzner VPS收割

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  1. Hetzner:德国/芬兰存储服务器,E3/64GB/4x16TB HDD/1Gbps无限/€64/月 - 拍主
  2. HZ(hetzner) SX 机器有过免安装费的时候么 - 一与博
  3. HZ(Hetzner)德国机房挂了? - 一与博
  4. درخواست سرور sx63 بدون ستا
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