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JULIET is a 44m sailing yacht by Royal Huisman from 1993. Now she gets a hybrid propulsion system.JULIET is a design by Pieter Beeldsnijder (1937 - 2016) and features naval architecture by Ro The future of hybrid sailing In the near future, Torqeedo is planning a new range-extending DC generator specifically for hybrid sailing boats. Its existing unit is built by WhisperPower and.. Soon after, Royal Huisman's 58m sailing yacht Ethereal arrived to a much more receptive audience, utilising a hybrid electric-mechanical propulsion system for silent running at cruise speed, while recharging her battery bank through the drive train under the sail. Electric motors work in line with silent thrusters for stability, providing fume-free bathing for guests 06.08.2019. |. Garcia Yachts is committed to respecting the environment with the construction of the ship's first hybrid propulsion unit. Let's bet that the less dependence on diesel fuel will profoundly influence the approach of long-distance cruising Southern Wind has announced that construction has commenced on the 29.24-metre sailing yacht Nyumba, at the builder's facilities in Cape Town. Nyumba is the fourth hull of Southern Wind's SW96 model and is the shipbuilder's first yacht to feature a hybrid propulsion system

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Technically, hybrid propulsion is organized around an electric motor (which takes up the place of the traditional combustion engine), a fleet of lithium batteries, and a generator. The batteries are charged by hydro-generation when the boat is sailing, as well as by its solar panels and a wind generator. When under engine, the electric motor runs on batteries. Then if necessary, the generator takes over to power the electric motor. As with a hybrid car, it is by adapting its mode. A hybrid system adds to the mix an onboard generator, which is used primarily to maintain charge in the batteries, both those for the propulsion motor and for the house services. This arrangement extends the boat's capability to lie for long periods at anchor, independent of shore power for electricity and without the need to go sailing for the sole purpose of charging the batteries. A.

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In electric mode, a hybrid propulsion system allows for smooth and silent running, completely emission-free at low speeds, as well as excellent maneuverability. This can be ideal for overnight travel or while looking for a peaceful day anchored at sea or moored at a marina Put simply, hybrid propulsion technology is the use of two (or more) different energy sources to power a yacht, with the traditional engine source being supplemented by another source. Most often this means the use of a combination of diesel and electric systems. These power sources can then either be used individually or in conjunction with each other depending on the system installed. Hybrid propulsion technology is applicable on both sail and motor yachts and is optimized to. Sailing Yacht A. Although still covered under a veil of mystery and speculation, German shipyard Nobiskrug unveiled earlier this year that the industry-challenging 142.8-metre sail-assisted monster hides an advanced hybrid diesel-electric propulsion system beneath that crazy exterior of hers. This comes as no surprise as the yacht is considered one of the most forward-thinking afloat today

Yachts Other business opportunities include the development of system integration and controlling technologies, component manufacturing and supply, and the service and maintenance of all- electric and hybrid-electric propulsion systems. Nova Scotia Boatbuilders Association Review of All-Electric and Hybrid-Electric Propulsion Technology for Small Vessels March 2015 ii The following conclusions. First proposed in 2015, the 282-foot (86-meter) Komorebi explorer—named after the Japanese word to describe sunlight filtering through the leaves of trees—draws on a stabilized monohull platform, hybrid electric propulsion and automated wing sails that can drive the yacht at 15 knots with 20 knots of wind, reducing fuel consumption by around 30 percent For those interested in a hybrid solution, generators are a highly efficient way to extend range while at sea. DC generators have the advantage of rapid recharging capability. AC generators are, generally, smaller and even portable which means that the generator can be aboard only in situations where longer motoring might be required A typical parallel hybrid, where a powerful electric motor is piggybacked on to a conventional diesel engine To prove the science, a group of French students has just circumnavigated the globe in a yacht retrofitted with an entirely electric propulsion system, and designed to recharge primarily from movement through the water

How hybrid sailing yachts finally became a feasible option

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  1. Hybrid propulsion according to Perini Navi. Sofia Luise. The SY 42m E-volution is the first Perini Navi sailing yacht with hybrid propulsion. A sailing yacht could be said by definition to use hybrid propulsion, but making the engines hybrid demands technical know-how and a long-term vision of the market. During last spring there arrived in.
  2. About - Sailing Yacht Elektra Elektra is a Chuck Paine designed Victoria 800 built by Victoria Yachts Ltd., Warsash, Hampshire. She is the last of a classic line, which were originally built as the Frances 26, Morris 26 and latterly the Victoria 26 - prior to the most recent version, the Victoria 800
  3. However, for more and more sailors these disadvantages are no longer in proportion to the advantages offered by hybrid propulsion. Likewise, the owner of the 56ft Truly Classic 'Elysium' is convinced that a hybrid propulsion is a great increase in the value of his sailing yacht and that above all, it makes the yacht even better for the work and travel life he and his wife want to spend.

Hybrid propulsion on sailing yachts. Pete Simpson. Uncategorized. No Comments. Tweet; directions_boat. A big part of our ethos at Integrel is the reduction of vessel emissions, sailing in a yacht with a generator running for power just seems prehistoric to us. We all enjoy being on the water but a change in how we enjoy our time on it, specifically sailing, is needed. Hybrid propulsion is one. INTEGREL - Intelligent Generation of Electricity Alessandro Vismara has take part to the speech and waas awarded for the best sailing yacht with Hybrid propulsion for the Vismara V50 Hybrid Energheia, launch 7 years before. Two days of meeting relating to the green electric propulsion for yachts, bicicles and cars. Events and conferences has been hosted in the Santa Margherita castle with the experts, such as: D. Bossi of Hytem Srl for. The largest sailing yacht in the world - sailing yacht 'A' - is equipped with a diesel-electric propulsion system capable of seven different drive modes. That means that high speeds are as possible as smooth, silent, fuel-efficient cruising. In the 'Nova Hybrid' project being realized by Heesen shipyard in the Netherlands, customers are offered a 50-m fast displacement yacht with twin mtu.

Electric & hybrid technology in yachting: the advantages and challenges. 2017 was the year that METSTRADE introduced its E-nnovationLAB. An area on the exhibition floor specifically designed to showcase technologies and manufacturers of electric & hybrid marine propulsion systems and components for the leisure marine industry 561. On the wake of the recent unveiling, it is now time to reveal more about the SW108 Hybrid: a new project featuring a diesel-electric hybrid solution. Engineered by Southern Wind Shipyard and penned by Nauta Design and Farr Yacht Design, this new model opens the world of green sailing and increases the shipyard's offerings of 30-40m. Electric sailing is possible through fully electric propulsion, powered by batteries and generators. A hybrid setup switches between electrical and mechanical propulsion. The choice, says Piet Roskam, Piet Brouwer Electrotechnology sales manager, depends on a vessel's sailing profile. Electric sailing is an interesting option (but) not necessarily the most sustainable choice. You need to.

In the past few years electric and hybrid propulsion have truly begun to resonate in the marine industry. Driven by an increasing number of eco-conscious yacht owners, yacht designers, and shipyards, hybrid yachts are entering the forefront of yachting. Hybrid propulsion combines the best of two worlds, utilizing both diesel and electric power BYD Group presents Bravo 75, the hybrid propulsion superyacht. Bravo Yacht Design Group (BYD) shared the first images and sketches of its latest superyacht concept, Bravo 75. Inspired by sailing yachts, the 75 meter is very different from other similar projects. Tià Simó and Raúl Gonzalo, co-founders and partners of the BYD Group said The goal is to offer a new yacht experience to the.

• Sailing yachts, ferries, water taxis, etc., with hull lengths from 40 to 110 feet (12 - 33 m) Highly flexible thanks to four operating modes. The Deep Blue Advanced Energy Management System offers four ways of conveniently operating the hybrid system automatically: ELECTRIC: Generator off; completely electrical operation. CHARGE: The generator recharges the batteries. As soon as the. World's largest sailing yacht already with MTU hybrid propulsion onboard. MTU has already equipped several ships with customer-specific hybrid propulsion systems. For example, Sailing Yacht A, the world's largest sailing yacht which was Commissioned in 2017, has been fitted out with an MTU hybrid system. This is a combined diesel-electric propulsion system that offers seven different. Garcia Yachts is committed to respecting the environment with the construction of the ship's first hybrid propulsion unit. Let's bet that the less dependence on diesel fuel will profoundly influence the approach of long-distance cruising. A big thank you to the owners of Exploration 45 Anemis, Michael, Inge and their 3 children, for. Italian shipyard Perini Navi is also investigating hybrid power on its E-volution class sailing yacht design which includes the option of hybrid propulsion within a contemporary design. As with all relatively new applications, the challenge for designers is to ensure that the design is conceived correctly within a clear regulatory framework and a track record that can be used to optimize the.

Groundbreaking innovative (hybrid) Controllable Pitch Propulsion system. This (H)CPP replaces the previous generations of variable pitch drive systems. The system has been redeveloped from scratch to meet the current needs of hybrid ships. This is also accompanied by a greatly improved regeneration efficiency for ships generating energy. The (H)CPP is also ideal for non-hybrid vessels due to. Engineered by Southern Wind Shipyard and penned by Nauta Design and Farr Yacht Design, the new SW108 HYBRID opens the world of green sailing and increases the shipyard's offerings of 30-40m composite sailing yachts. Energy efficient and environmentally conscious, the SW108 Diesel Electric Hybrid propulsion system is designed to be compliant with the most stringent environmental rules (IMO.

Just a few weeks after the launch of SW105GT Taniwha, Southern Wind is proud to announce that the construction of their first yacht with hybrid propulsion has begun.The fourth unit of the successful SW96 project, was conceived for a young, hands-on owner, a passionate sailor on his third sailing yacht. He approached SWS looking for a high-performance and efficient cruising yacht to sail around. South African shipyard Southern Wind has announced the construction of its first hybrid propulsion vessel, the sailing yacht NYUMBA. Sailing yacht NYUMBA. NYUMBA is the fourth hull in the proven SW96 model and is being constructed for a passionate young Owner now on his third sailing yacht. As a hands-on Owner, he approached Southern Wind to produce a ' sexy, comfortable, reliable and above. Electric and hybrid propulsion systems for boats have been on the horizon for years but how close is a real and affordable mass-market solution? The green movement gets a lot of attention but it's the need for energy independence that's driving the need for alternate propulsion. So far, the market has been developing in fits and starts so let's see what is myth and what is reality today. It's not just motor yachts that benefit from a hybrid drive system. Perini Navi's new E-volution range of luxury sailboats has also been designed around e-Motion as part of a lightweight package. The first boat to hit the water is the 42 metre sloop-rigged version, which offers a 3,000 nautical mile range under power at a very respectable nine knots Heesen Yachts recently hosted a virtual press conference on one of the hottest topics in yachting today - hybrid propulsion systems. The shift is happening, and has been since 2008, when Royal Huisman launched ETHEREAL, Bill Joy's 43m superyacht. Then Ferretti followed suit with its first series-production hybrid, the MOCHI LR23

HYBRID SAILING YACHT 145' This high technology hybrid sailing yacht of about 44m is designed to sail around the world with uncompromising performance combined with timeless appeal. Initially the boat was supposed to be longer but, contrary to what usually happens, the dimensions were reduced during the design phase, to the advantage of performance and seaworthiness. Extensive research has. HMS Hybrid Marine Solution a revolutionary propulsion and power setup. As the engines are not only working for the propulsion, but also as an integrated generator, additional generators are no longer needed. This saves space and weight in the engine compartment, reduces fuel costs, vibration, noise and fumes. The entire hotel service and board system runs purely on batteries for up to 24 hours. The 1,700-sq. foot kite sail flies 600 feet above the yacht to provide additional propulsion to its hybrid engines. Turns out kites can offer more than just fun at the beach. Meet Project ICE, a.

Sunreef Yachts eco-friendly catamarans have the option to be equipped with ultramodern hybrid propulsion systems as well. Besides significantly reduced Co 2 emissions, hybrid engines take eco cruising to the next level by combining the best of electric motoring with the advantages of thermal engines. Hybrid engines not only offer reliable propulsion but can also be used to recharge the yacht. A pleasant and fast sailing yacht by Persico Marine. UNIQUE PROPULSION SYSTEM. The Wally 145 hybrid propulsion system has unique advantages: The DC bus and lithium batteries provide a full night's autonomy in silent mode with the air-conditioning running This makes SW108 one of the top yachts in the long-range cruising category, with a high level of autonomy, because hybrid propulsion allows extended hours of sailing, with less harmful emissions. Sailing propulsion is achieved with dual stern drive propellers, coupled with twin 890hp diesel engines, capable to move the 'pagurus' to an estimated top speed of 24 knots. in the immersed part of the yacht, the hulls are designed with a recessed space that guests two steel cylinders on each side, each one with a helical spiral flange like the thread of a screw

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Batteries. Lithium Ion batteries are superior to other battery storage technology; highest storage capacity, high effective current delivery, high charge capacity resiliency and wide temperature range performance.. Oceanvolt highly skilled technical team ensures proper installation and system-optimization. Only the highest quality Li-Ion batteries are used - to ensure performance and safety Hybrid propulsion sailing yacht sold by Perini Navi. Article by: Steph Atmore. Italian yard Perini Navi has announced the sale of its 42-metre (138.5-foot) hybrid sailing yacht in its E-volution line, representing a fresh departure for the shipyard. Sold to an Italian owner, the new vessel was first announced at the 2017 Monaco Yacht Show. The in-house styled yacht is built entirely from. SMOOTH SAILING Yachts. Spending a relaxing time on board means having reliable and high-quality equipment. Efficient propulsion technology, low noise levels and dependable support - requirements that are all met perfectly by SCHOTTEL Propulsion Systems. Whether as main propulsion unit or manoeuvring aid, SCHOTTEL products open up more flexibility for ship design thanks to their compact. Its elegant hull is inspired by the profiles of sailing yachts, and the curve from the stern to the bow represents the break between the motor yacht style and the sailing yacht style. The most standout feature of the concept is the designers' triple hybrid propulsion solution. As the IMO Tier III deadline looms ever closer, it is refreshing. The Palm Yachts offer both electric and Hybrid propulsion options system, developed exclusively for our vessels, offering a unique and environmentally friendly alternative to current sailing practices and offers owners/users the opportunity to have entirely emission-free boating. Hybrid propulsion and internal electrical system. Our unique hybrid system offers silent, vibration-free and.

The battery pack can be connected directly to the DC bus of the inverter so you can sail without running the engines. The Veth Hybrid Drive thus combines the advantages of both diesel-direct and diesel / LNG-electric propulsion. In the low speed range, the thruster is diesel -/ LNG-electrically powered by using the first generator Electric propulsion. E-LINE and E-POD, your one stop solution! NOW AVAILABLE. The pioneer of electric propulsion is back! VETUS introduces a completely new electric propulsion package twenty years after introducing the EP2200. With our improved all in one solution, VETUS honours the title Creator of Boat Systems Hybrid propulsion Exterior lines by Clifford Denn Interior design by Luca Dini Design and Architecture Glass-bottomed pool Outdoor fire pit Expansive wellness area Heesen is proud to announce the sale of a highly customised motor yacht based on the proven platform of the 50-metre Steel Class. YN 20150, code-named Project Oslo24, is the fifth yacht sold by Heesen in 2020, and the second sold in. Share the post SAILING YACHT EVOLUTION 42 M THE HYBRID OF PERINI NAVI Facebook; Twitter; Share If a shipowner wants to make the yacht of his dreams where the needs are met and exceeded the first thing to do and identify the right design team. Another aspect to be taken into account in the construction of a level boat is the synergistic contribution of teamwork combined with a skilled and.

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Nov 15, 2017 - The Wally 145 is a 44m luxury sailing yacht with hybrid propulsion, designed by Germán Frers, Luca Bassani, Droulers Architecture and Studio Sculli Nov 13, 2017 - The Wally 145 is a 44m luxury sailing yacht with hybrid propulsion, designed by Germán Frers, Luca Bassani, Droulers Architecture and Studio Sculli To refresh our memory, electric sailing can be realised in two ways in 2021: either the propulsion is fully electric, powered by batteries and generators, or the vessel is hybrid, in which case it can switch between electrical and mechanical propulsion. Both types are increasingly popular, especially as owners and shipping companies look to invest in a vessel that is ready for the future

Royal Huisman delivered the 190-foot sailing yacht Ethereal in 2009, a masterpiece of both hybrid technology and overall environmental awareness. She utilizes two 300 kW ­Combimac electric motors for silent running. (The boat also features twin 714 hp Caterpillar C18 diesels.) Only one engine is required to move this 190-footer along at cruise speed, and the propulsion system also charges her. MTU Hybrid Propulsion on Yachts. MTU has already equipped a number of ships with customer-specific hybrid propulsion systems. Sailing Yacht A, for example, the world's largest sailing yacht, which was commissioned in 2017, has been fitted out with an MTU hybrid system. This is a combined diesel-electric propulsion system that offers seven different propulsion modes. When needed, a maximum.

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How hybrid sailing yachts finally became a feasible option. They've been a long time coming, but marine hybrid propulsion systems are finally a working reality, as Sam Fortescue reports. The Bootswerft Heinrich-built 13m Yamila uses an Oceanvolt electric motor rather than a diesel engine. Photo: Peter Minder For example, Sailing Yacht A, the world's largest sailing yacht which was commissioned in 2017, has been fitted out with an MTU hybrid system. This is a combined diesel-electric propulsion system that offers seven different propulsion modes. When needed, a maximum speed of 21 knots is achieved using the diesel engines and electric motors for a combined power output of close to 16,000.

BYD Group unveiled new 75-meter superyacht concept Bravo 75 with triple hybrid propulsion Those are the first images and sketches of our latest superyacht design concept Bravo 75. Inspired by sailing yachts, the 75-meter concept is way different from other similar projects in this range. This 75m concept with a heliport has a very distinctive. ALVA YACHT is an electric luxury yacht brand harnessing uncompromised design and cutting-edge technology. Our mission is to bring yachting into a new era with a product offering of progressive, electrified solar catamarans and sailing yachts that are designed and engineered without compromise

The flagship of the Greenline Yachts family, Greenline 48 features all the benefits that Greenline Yachts stand for. One level living concept ensures the movement on the deck is safe and effortless, ample AC power allows the use of normal home appliances onboard and solar roof makes sure you never run out of power. Indescribable pleasure in silence... Owner GL 48 Fly (Hybrid) 2016. Black Sea. Yachts with MTU hybrid propulsion MTU has delivered an innovative hybrid propulsion system designed to meet the client's specific requirements for Sailing Yacht A, the world's largest sailing yacht, which was commissioned in spring 2017. This is a combined diesel-electric propulsion system, which offers seven different propulsion modes. When needed, a high speed can be reached using. Weltgeschichte und Historisches. Historische Schiffe. Wisse Annapolis Hybrid Marine . Marine electric propulsion. Learn More COVID19 Statement [email protected] 311C Third Street, Annapolis, Maryland 21403, US | 410-353-4348. Sanlorenzo 106 Hybrid yacht has been fitted with a hybrid technology-based power and propulsion system, delivered by Dutch power and propulsion specialist WhisperPower.The 32m Sanlorenzo 106 Hybrid superyacht represents the first vessel to feature WhisperPower's latest technology. She has recently started cruising

With a genset onboard an electric propulsion system behaves more like a hybrid electric-diesel propulsion system. The genset provides electrical power to run certain high-amp loads directly and power to be stored in the battery bank for later use. The genset can be located anywhere that is convenient and allows for proper weight distribution. On many larger cats the genset is mounted midships. For example, Sailing Yacht A, the world's largest sailing yacht which was commissioned in 2017, has been fitted out with an MTU hybrid system. This is a combined diesel-electric propulsion. Electric Propulsion - Our First 2,500 Miles Every decision starts somewhere: You hear about a new system idea, read an article, talk with others about options, do research - but it is often hard to say where the specific start of the process begins. For us, the idea for implementing electric propulsion started when we read an article in Sail Magazine by Nigel Calder. The idea was intriguing. Bjorn Moonen of Ghost Yachts offers a straightforward explanation in Superyacht News: A hybrid yacht is basically a yacht that can be propelled by two different energy sources. Most commonly these are a combination of diesel and electric propulsion systems. As in cars, this system is infinitely greener thanks to the reduction in fossil fuel usage. Today, hybrid power is seen as one of. Le guide ultime de la propulsion du kayak motorisé. Avant de discuter des trois options de base, il est important de noter qu'une capacité de poussée plus élevée ne signifie pas nécessairement plus de vitesse. Le Torqeedo Ultra Light vs le moteur Torqeedo Travel en est un excellent exemple. L'Ultra Light est un moteur 1hp tandis que.

with a Kite-System for your boat. Our kite systems make it possible to power your boats with kites. Kites fly much higher than traditional sails where the wind can be as much as 2x the strength. Additionally, due to the unique physics of kites the power generated can be as much as 10x as a similar sized convential sail - meaning a 10sqm kite. And it is sailing in the world's most spectacular sailing venues. MOONWAVE is a recently completely refitted Gunboat 60 catamaran, designed by Nigel Irens, the iconic British yacht designer whose multihulls have set records and whose cruising boats are renowned for their classic looks and seakeeping abilities Wally has started to build its third largest yacht yet, a Wally 145 / 44m carbon fibre fast cruiser that will have a hybrid propulsion system. Designed for an experienced yachtsman, the Wally 145. BYD Group unveiled new 75-meter superyacht concept Bravo 75 with triple hybrid propulsion - New design inspired by sailing yachts - Rigorous profile specified by a maximized waterline and almost vertical bow - Diesel, hydrogen and electric engines with azipods - Open and closed flybridge with 360-degree views . Full-service naval architecture and engineering studio Bravo Yacht Design Group.

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The amount of energy saved by using advanced electric propulsion is impressive, as you sail quietly, without vibrations or impacting the environment by releasing greenhouse gases. TEMA marine electric motors are compatible with Z-drive, L-drive, sail drive and water jets, which means they cover power requirements of small boats to larger ships, and mega yachts (10 KW - 1000 KW). The. ZF Marine offers a wide range of robust, yet lightweight transmissions suitable for all types of engines and propulsion systems, covering a wide range of applications.. As a reliable supplier of transmissions (both for inboard and outboard engines), reversing transmissions, sail drives, propellers, and control systems, ZF delivers the optimum solution for pleasure craft and yachts

The Best Hybrid Superyachts in the World - Elite Travele

The 40 meter Kira Sail Yacht is a vessel inspired by performance, developed for simplicity, and styled minimally. It is meant to bridge the the gap between sail and motor yacht, so that those who take to the winds can do so in the most comfortable and amenable way. Designed to to be computer controlled and sailed by a crew of one. View fullsize BYD Group unveiled new 75-meter superyacht concept Bravo 75 with triple hybrid propulsion 09:52 PM Monday 02 Nov 2020 : Russia Its elegant hull is inspired by the profiles of sailing yachts and the curve from the stern to the bow represents the break between the motor yacht style and the sailing yacht style. Conceived by Tià Simó and Louis Quin, the design is timeless and sophisticated. Australia's expert in electric boating. Check out our range of electric inboard motors, electric outboard motors, marine batteries, flexible solar panels and electric boats. Switch to electric and join the thousands of boat owners that already enjoy the benefits

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Feadship Launches 95m Hybrid Motor Yacht BLISS This morning saw a flurry of activity at the Feadship yard in Makkum as the Dutch shipbuilders launched 95m hybrid motor yacht Bliss. The product of close owner involvement and 'the epitome of custom build experience', Bliss is built for quality time with family onboard and benefits from the latest hybrid propulsion and Polar Code certification May 28, 2021. Southern Wind announces construction of its first hybrid sailing yacht NYUMBA — Yacht Charter & Superyacht New The Italian builder Perini Navi also revealed its line of hybrid sailing yachts. the line offers models that contain a hybrid propulsion system with lithium batteries to power electric engines.

Hybrid Engines for Boats - Power & Motoryach

Helping to repower older boats with electric and/or hybrid systems. The innovative hydrogen powered 'Hydrogenesis' ferry: Commissioned by Bristol City Council, we developed a hydrogen powered motor. New boats powered by our Yellowtail : The first 6 new boats powered by our Yellowtail on Ambleside. Elektra Sailing Yacht Conversion: Commissioned by John Rushworth to convert an Elektra Sailing. For special needs, the yacht is also offering a hybrid solution, so that there would be enough power available to go over 14 kn if necessary. The Serenity 64′ will combine the luxury elements, coming from our super yachts, and the new enviroment friendly propulsion systems to a comfort level never seen before on the yacht market Traduzioni in contesto per hybrid propulsion system in inglese-italiano da Reverso Context: A hybrid propulsion system has also been developed for the E-volution, combining both a diesel engine with an electric motor Buy a Bianca Sagitta 35 - sailing yacht? LIEGEPLATZ BODENSEE KANN EVENTUELL ÜBERNOMMEN WERDEN. Segeljacht Bianca Sagitta 35 Hochseetauglich gepflegt..

The Different Types of Yacht Propulsion: Benefits and

For a billionaire who loves cinema - A 80-meter yachtSailing Yacht A is the largest motorsailer in the worldAndrew Trujillo presents 35m catamaran SOLSTICE conceptSailing Yacht A | Nobiskrug SuperyachtsCANOVA Yacht with DSS Foil | Baltic Yachts | Baltic 142Sailing Yacht BLACK PEARL by Oceanco with DynaRigA (sailing yacht) - WikipediaMonaco 2050 hybrid yacht of the future | wordlessTech
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