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Greek Gods Predated Roman Gods Homer vs. Virgil. Two major literary poems depicting the Greek gods came in Homer's The Iliad and The Odyssey. Both of... Physical Appearance of Greek Gods vs. Roman Gods. Another major difference between Greek gods and Roman gods is in the... Greek God Names vs. Roman. Greek Name Roman Name Role; Zeus: Jupiter: King of the Gods: Hera: Juno: Goddess of Marriage: Poseidon: Neptune: God of the Sea: Cronus: Saturn: Youngest son of Uranus, Father of Zeus: Aphrodite: Venus: Goddess of Love: Hades: Pluto: God of the Underworld: Hephaestus: Vulcan: God of the Forge: Demeter: Ceres: Goddess of the Harvest: Apollo: Apollo: God of Music and Medicine: Athena: Minerva: Goddess of Wisdo Even though Greek gods predate Roman gods by over 1,000 years, both cultures use mythology to understand the world around them. Greeks and Romans often established societal norms with mythological stories, as gods were not perfect in behavior or personality. But unlike the Greeks who worshipped the 12 gods of Olympia, Rome worshipped thousands of different gods Roman Mythology. Most Roman gods are the equivalents of Greek gods, only having different names and sometimes representing different things. We'll cover some of the most significant gods that are shared among Greek and Roman mythology. When comparing, we'll use the name of the Greek god first, followed by the Roman equivalent name. Aphrodite, the goddess of love, became Venus. Apollo, god of the sun, became Phoebus. Athena, goddess of love and military strategy, became Minerva Another clear difference between the Greek gods and the Roman gods is that they first acted on account of a sort of entitlement, sprouting from their ancestry and their superiority to the mortal realm. This was something completely unattainable to the Greeks who had to live their lives and hope that the gods would not unleash their wrath on them because of quarrels among themselves. In contrast, the newly created Roman gods are examples and protectors. Their actions were to.

Table of Roman Equivalents of Greek Gods Major Gods of the Greek and Roman Pantheons. The famous, beautiful love goddess, the one awarded the apple of Discord... Minor Gods of the Greeks and Romans. The Furies were three sisters who at the behest of the gods, sought vengeance for... Ancient Sources. Greek and Roman mythology often have the same Gods but with different names because many Roman Gods are borrowed from Greek mythology, often with different traits. You can learn more about the similarities between Greek and Roman Gods here. The Major Gods & Goddesses in Roman Mytholog In heroes of Olympus we seen how the Greek and Roman form of the gods was different. For example in Greek mythology, the god of the sky was Zeus. And in Roman it was Jupiter. The Roman god's were a bit disciplined and full of war. While the Greek gods were a bit humorous and were a lot more cooler. This case is not the same in Norse mytholog But not all Roman gods were Greek copies — here are a few of the more important ones. We know that the ancient Greeks had a massively entertaining sets of gods and goddesses. So it's no wonder. Romans vs Greeks . Difference between Romans and Greeks is not hard to understand. They were both parts of important civilizations. These civilizations have shared much as the architecture and beliefs as they both existed during the same time and closer to one another. For example, think about the Roman and Greek mythologies about gods. Since.

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The Roman version of the Greek Gods are also more skilled in the ways of combat, and seem to care more about honor than personal code, matching with the Roman culture. Some Roman Gods do not even have a Greek aspect, being born within the Roman religion which, such as Terminus, the original pure Roman God In contrast, Greek gods and goddesses have their own names, such as Zeus, Hermes, Ares and Hera. For example, the goddess of love is Venus in Roman mythology and Aphrodite in Greek mythology. Romans call the god of war Mars, while Greeks call Ares. The god of sea is called Neptune in Roman mythology and Poseidon in Greek mythology The Titans were the previous generation, and family of gods, whom the Olympians had to overthrow, and banish from the upper world, in order to become the ruling pantheon of Greek gods. For Hesiod, possibly in order to match the twelve Olympian gods, there were twelve Titans: six males and six females, with some of Hesiod's names perhaps being mere poetic inventions, so as to arrive at the right number. [36 This week, we continue our look at various Pantheons, and Mike digs deep into the gods of the ancient Greeks. We're talking Zeus, Hera, Poseidon, Hades, Art..

This Prezi compares some of the Greek gods to their Roman counterparts The ancient Greek and Roman gods and goddesses embodied an array of human attributes, from fortitude to folly. Their characteristics represented exaggerated or idealized versions of human personality traits. The ancient Greek and Roman gods and goddess were worshipped in temples and exalted in myths recounted by people living ordinary lives. As. 9 Roman Gods Who Weren't Just Rip Offs Of Greek Gods 1) Janus. Despite Rome's wholesale acquisition of the Greek pantheon, perhaps their most important deity was uniquely... 2) Quirinus. When Rome was founded, it was near a group of people called the Sabines. Some of the Sabines were absorbed... 3).

The Greco-Roman gods of lore vs. the Daedric Princes of Elder Scrolls Setting: The Norse Ragnarök has passed, sundering reality and crashing realms together into a new, normalized multiverse. The Greco-Roman family of gods sees an opportunity to reclaim dominion over this freshly forged mortal realm, while the rift opens fresh territory to the Daedric Princess of Oblivion Next Post Roman Mythology vs. Greek Mythology Before I begin to write about the Greek and Roman gods themselves , I want to give you a brief background on the religions of these two civilizations. Some people are unaware that the Roman religion is tied to the Greek religion. In fact many aspects of th

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Start studying Greek vs. Roman Gods. Learn vocabulary, terms, and more with flashcards, games, and other study tools Christianity Vs. Ancient Greek and Roman Religions. In a way Christianity and the Greek and Roman religions are the same, but in another way they are totally different. Both focus on some sort of deity or another. Both believe that their God (s) look like man (mankind), and have some sort of power. However, where the Greeks and Romans believe. The god Thoth was one of them. The Greeks assumed that Thoth and the god Hermes must be the same person. As with many other gods and heroes in the Greek pantheon, Hermes was transformed because of his association with the Egyptian deity. The god Hermes had many similarities with Thoth, he was a guide, a patron of writers, and the god of words Roman, Greek, and Philippine Gods and Goddesses: Home. images. greek&roman gods; Philippine gods; HOT POTATOES; contact us; Philippine gods. Bathala-. Chief god for the Tagalogs. Kaptan.- For most of the ancient Visayans, he is the supreme deity who dwells in the sky. He had a quarrel with the sea deity Maguayan wherein he threw rocks at the latter's realm resulting in the creation of the.

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  1. Egyptian Gods vs. Norse Gods vs. Greek Gods. Round 1: King of respective gods. Round 2: Queen of respective gods. Round 3: Egyptian Gods vs. Norse Gods vs. Greek Gods. Round 4: Free-for-all. Round 5: All the Mythological creatures in each culture fight. Bonus: Everyone vs. the Christian-Judeo God
  2. The Roman deities most familiar today are those the Romans identified with Greek counterparts (see interpretatio graeca), integrating Greek myths, iconography, and sometimes religious practices into Roman culture, including Latin literature, Roman art, and religious life as it was experienced throughout the Empire.Many of the Romans' own gods remain obscure, known only by name and sometimes.
  3. Greek and Roman Gods. Here are the twelve Olympian gods and a brief description of each. The Greeks and Romans shared the same stories, but used different names. Lord of the sky and supreme ruler of the gods. Known for throwing lightening bolts. Ruler of the sea. Brother of Zeus
  4. Greek gods and roman gods - Der Vergleichssieger unter allen Produkten. Um Ihnen zuhause die Wahl des richtigen Produkts etwas zu erleichtern, haben unsere Tester auch einen Favoriten ausgewählt, der unserer Meinung nach unter allen verglichenen Greek gods and roman gods in vielen Punkten hervorragt - insbesondere im Punkt Verhältnismäßigkeit von Preis und Leistung
  5. These imported gods gave context and provided a backstory for the Olympian gods, explaining where these Greek Olympian gods had come from, and how they had come to occupy their position of supremacy in the cosmos. The Titans were the previous generation, and family of gods, whom the Olympians had to overthrow, and banish from the upper world, in order to become the ruling pantheon of Greek gods

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The Greek gods had become for Rome the gods of theater because fear, hope, success, and misfortune, rendered them suitable for plots. Rome thought its gods above fear, misery, and weakness, following Numa's doctrine. It only knew strong gods. But if it rejected the weak gods, all the more reason to reject vicious ones. One did not hear in Rome as in Greece that Caelus was mutilated by his. LATIN NAMES OF THE GREEK GODS. Because of numerous requests I have provided a list. of the main Greek gods and their Roman names, if any. Amphitrite -- Salacia. Ananke -- Necessitas. Aphrodite --Venus. Ares -- Mars. Artemis -- Diana. Asclepius -- Veiovis, Aesculapius

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All of the Greek gods vs. all of the Norse in an all out smack yo momma battle. Real mythology not the comic gods. 11 years ago. Power NeXus. Follow 10283. Forum Posts. 599. Wiki Points. 0. Roman name of God: Greek name of God: Description: Jupiter: Zeus: He was the master of the gods and the main god of the Romans. In his hand he held thunderbolts which he could hurl from the sky. Juno: Hera: She was the wife of Jupiter, the goddess of women and fertility. Her symbols were a pomegranate and a peacock. Mars: Ares: He was the god of war, the strongest and most fearsome god, except. Greek mythology had gained wide acceptance, and divination was common. So-called mystery religions from the East promised devotees immortality, direct revelation, and approach to the gods through mystic rites. These religions spread throughout the empire. Popular in the early centuries C.E. were the cults of the Egyptian god Serapis and goddess Isis, the Syrian fish-goddess Atargatis, and the.

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  1. Zeus Vs. Greek God Essay 2252 Words | 10 Pages. that the polytheistic gods were not supernatural deities but flesh-and-blood extraterrestrials. I 'm not the only person who has come to this conclusion - there 's an entire set of 'ancient astronaut ' buffs who also have argued equally long and loud that the mythologies of the gods are really the.
  2. Sämtliche hier beschriebenen Greek or roman gods sind 24 Stunden am Tag bei amazon.de im Lager verfügbar und sofort bei Ihnen zuhause. In der folgende Liste sehen Sie als Kunde die beste Auswahl der getesteten Greek or roman gods, bei denen der erste Platz unseren Favoriten darstellen soll. Sämtliche in der folgenden Liste aufgelisteten Greek or roman gods sind 24 Stunden am Tag im Netz im.
  3. ent role, especially in Wonder Woman.
  4. They are called demi-gods or in modern term semi-gods, because one of their parents were a god or a goddess. However, mortal heroes were no less respected than semi-gods. Some of the mortals even exceeded semi-gods in terms of bravery and reputation. Regardless of their origin, these heroes accomplished many great tasks and even tasks thought being impossible to accomplish. Because of the.
  5. Principal Greek and Roman Gods (adapted from Laurie Schneider Adams, Art Across Time, 2nd ed., p. 142) Greek god : Relationship: Role: Attribute: Roman Counterpart: Zeus: husband and brother of Hera: King and father of gods, sky. Thunderbolt, eagle. Jupiter : Hera: wife and sister of Zeus.

Norse gods are SUPER STRONG but all I know is, it doesnt matter if their opponent is Kratos.. Magni and Modi vs Kratos and His Half Breed Boy Atreus!-----.. Roman Vs. Greek Mythology Roman and Greek mythology are full of complexities. Much of Greek and Roman everyday life revolved around these myths. Many similarities are obvious between Roman and Greek mythology because the Romans borrowed a significant amount of their myths and gods from the Greeks. Although Roman and Greek mythology have a few. So i see all the peeps having a Norse vs Greek debate but how about the Egyptian gods ?? I for one think they are realy cool. So let's include them in a debate to. 11 years ago. TheGuy. Follow 615. Most Romanticized versions of the Greek Gods have traditional Roman traits inter-woven into them, such as a stronger emphasis on aggression, sexuality and empiricism than their original Greek archetypes. Several gods are given additional lovers or attempted romances in order to spice-things-up for Roman audiences. Even the Gods were considered subject to the Fates hence why despite their. Ancient Greek deities; Ancient Meitei deities; Ancient Roman deities; Norse deities; Hindu deities. Hindu gods; Devi; Japanese deities; Comparison. This list includes Etruscan, Greek, Roman, Norse and Meitei versions of similar gods and goddesses. The table is ordered by the Greek god's name

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49,203 roman gods stock photos, vectors, and illustrations are available royalty-free. See roman gods stock video clips. of 493. greek gods statues drawing atlas mythology god of lightning vector zeus greek god fitness god olympian gods zeus roman god god vector hera greek goddess. Try these curated collections The ancient Greek storytellers traveled from village to village, telling stories about the ancient Greek gods. These stories are called myths (short for mythology, or stories about gods.) Each storyteller changed the myths a bit to fit their audience and their own imagination, but whatever power and personality a god had was consistent no matter who was telling the story. For example, Zeus was.

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Greek Gods, Goddesses & Greek Myths. This is a list (in alphabetical order) of the most famous Greek Gods and Goddesses, The Olympians. Athena (a-THEE-nuh; Roman name Minerva) was the goddess of crafts and the domestic arts and also those of war. She was the patron goddess of Athens. Her symbol was the owl. She was originally the Great Goddess. Difference Between Hindu Gods and Greek Gods Home of the Gods The basic difference is that Hindu Gods appear to inhabit some particular world that is not the Earth. Only God Shiv lives in the Himalayas with his Goddess Shakti. God Vishnu, the administrator of the created world, appears to live on a royal couch formed by the coiled body of a [ Greek, Roman and Norse Gods. Name the major gods and goddess from the Greek, Roman and Norse mythologies. Quiz by jf15. Profile Quizzes Subscribed Subscribe? Rate: Nominate. Nominated. Spotlight. Last updated: April 23, 2020. More quiz info >> First submitted: February 14, 2019: Times taken: 375: Report this quiz : Report: Quiz and answer stats >> Friends stats >> Start Quiz . 6:00. Give Up. Der Greek gods and roman gods Produkttest hat erkannt, dass die Qualität des getesteten Produkts im Test außerordentlich herausstechen konnte. Auch der Kostenfaktor ist für die gelieferten Leistung absolut ausreichend. Wer große Mengen Suchaufwand mit der Analyse auslassen will, möge sich an die Empfehlung aus dem Greek gods and roman gods Vergleich orientieren. Auch Rezensionen von.

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  1. Greek-Gods.Info. 14,425 likes · 3 talking about this. Gods and Goddesses of Ancient Greec
  2. Ancient Rome Vs Greece. Home Ancient Rome Ancient Greece Roman Gods. The Romans thought of their many gods as powerful, superior, divine, and many more things. The Romans took many influences from other countries when it came to religion and gods. For example they started thinking about their gods as being gods that were like humans because of the Greeks. The way the Romans worship all 12 of.
  3. or ones, do not have a mirror in the other culture, and.
  4. Overall, Greek gods and Roman gods are indeed very similar. If they do have differences, they are always fairly petty and do not affect their general purpose within mythology. The interactions between the Greeks and Romans have definitely tied each other's myths together so close that a story from Greek mythology can easily be interchangeable with a story from Roman Mythology. 1476 Words; 3.
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Greco-Roman Mythology: The gods would rarely been seen together, but the 12 Olympians would be seen as the hierchacial gods that would reign from Mount Olympus. The gods were known for fighting with another, taking sides in the affairs of mortals, and hardly being cordial or nice unless you were Jupiter or Jove (i.e. King of the Gods!). For more information on stories of the Greco-Roman Gods. Apollo. Roman Form: Apollo. Gender: Male. Parents: Zeus and Leto. Godly Marriage: None. Title(s): God of the Sun, God of Archery, God of Prophecy, God of Music and. Ares (Greek)/Mars (Roman) - the god of war; Aphrodite (Greek)/Venus (Roman) - the goddess of love; There are many other ancient Roman gods and goddesses which have ancient Greek counterparts. The Iliad, the Aeneid, and the Odyssey, ancient epic poetry, provide us with some of the information we have on ancient Roman and Greek gods and goddesses as well as their mythical heroes like Hercules. 1. Hercules=Roman - Heracles=Greek It is really frustrating that pretty much everyone gets this wrong. I blame Hollywood. 2. You referred to a lot of Demi-Gods (such as Heracles) as Gods. Demi-Gods are born of a God/ess and a human and, save for a select few, are not allowed to live on Mount Olympus because they are not full Gods

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The Greek gods and goddesses usually interacted with humans in towns and countries that are still familiar: Mount Ida, on the island of Crete, where the god Zeus was brought up, exists to this day; the hero Heracles had his home in the city of Thebes; the exact spot where the goddess Aphrodite is said to have emerged from the sea can be pointed out near the island of Cythera. Greek mythology. Other Roman gods that took on Greek characteristics included Diana (Artemis), Mercury (Hermes), Neptune (Poseidon), Venus (Aphrodite), and Vulcan (Hephaestus). As Rome continued to expand its political and geographic influence, Rome continued to assimilate a wider variety of religious beliefs and customs. In some cases, the assimilation of a foreign god was done to fit a particular role in. The Romans also combined Greek deities with its own corresponding gods. Watch Now. The major gods of Ancient Roman religion. Gods and goddesses were grouped in various ways. The Di Selecti were considered the 20 main gods, while the Di Consentes comprised the 12 principal deities at the heart of the Roman Pantheon. Though taken from the Greeks, this grouping of 12 gods has pre Hellenic origins.

Roman Mars vs Greek Ares as the God of War. By MartiniF; Mythology & Mystery; 0; In the ancient battle of Thurii in 282 BC, between Rome and the Greek colony of Tarentum, the Romans noticed a youth of extraordinary height marching in front of them and performing miracles of bravery. It was only afterwards, when no candidate for the crown of honor showed himself to claim it, that the soldiers. Greek Roman UFO ET Alien Gods. Greek 'Mythology' is all that's left of the ancient Greek eligion. About 1200 b.c.e., the residents of what we would call, Greece and Asia Minor shared a common, undisputed view in a group of deities from the heavens that came to be known as The Olympians. Roman 'Mythology' consisted of various beliefs, rituals. Egyptian Vs. Greek Gods Many of the earliest civilizations believed in polytheism and had a god to represent almost every part of their lives and the products provided to them by the land and earth around them. Where the greek and roman empire were more centered around culture and all the emotions and actions of life through there gods, I.E Apollo-god of music, healing, plague, prophecies.

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Roman Gods The Romans adopted much of Greek Mythology into their own. They took most all of the Greek gods, gave them Roman names, and then called them their own. Here are a few of major Roman gods that came from the Greeks: Jupiter - Came from the Greek god Zeus. Jupiter was the king of the gods and god of thunder and lighting. He was the Patron God of Rome. Juno - Juno was the equivalent of. Image: Roman marble head of the war god, modelled after a Greek bronze original. Artemis (Ἄρτεμις, Ártemis) Goddess of hunting, wilderness, animals and childbirth. In later times she became associated with the Moon. She is the daughter of Zeus and Leto, and the twin sister of Apollo. She is depicted as a young virgin woman. In art she is often shown holding a hunting bow and arrows. Department of Greek and Roman Art, The Metropolitan Museum of Art. October 2003. The ancient Greeks worshipped many gods, each with a distinct personality and domain. Greek myths explained the origins of the gods and their individual relations with mankind. The art of Archaic and Classical Greece illustrates many mythological episodes, including an established iconography of attributes that. Greek vs. Roman Gods. When hearing about the similar stories and gods of the ancient Romans, you probably will get a bit of déjà vu'. As a lot of the myths and characters are astonishingly similar to Greek mythology. Despite this, there are actually quite a few differences, with names, beliefs about certain events, and the importance of certain beings all different depending on the. Gods and Goddesses do actually have equivelents in different cultures, you would know that if you were a good Pagan. Jupiter is Roman God equivelent of Greek God Zeus. Jupiters Day is THORS-DAY (Thursday) This is basic Pagan 101. Delet

Roman Mythology. Explore the gods and goddesses, creatures and cosmology of the ancient Roman empire. Gods 14. Texts 1. Goddess of Wisdom This god is Greek, and his Roman name is Pluto. He is the god of the dead, and the underworld. There is a myth about him and his love for Demeter's child, Persephone. Who is he? Apollo. Mars. Bacchus. Hades. NEXT> 9. The Roman god, Neptune, was the ruler of the sea. Who was the Greek god of the sea? Cronus. Zeus. Poseidon . Bacchus. NEXT> 10. Vulcan was the Roman god of forge and fire. True. Greek gods and heroes are the subjects of some of the great myths in history. Their exploits have been shared for centuries through spoken word, written poetry and prose, and even stage and film productions. The classic tales of good versus evil are timeless, as is the public's thirst for exciting narratives about heroes and their triumphs. The Titans (the most well-known of the Greek gods.

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Who were the gods of ancient Greece? Zeus - king and father of the gods. Hera - Queen of the gods. Poseidon - god of the sea. Hades - god of the underworld. Persephone - queen of the underworld. Aphrodite - goddess of love. Ares - god of war. Artemis - goddess of hunting Roman Gods vs. Greek Gods. Titans. Sitemap. Minor Greek Gods and Goddesses. In addition to the major gods and goddesses in Greek Mythology, the are many minor gods and goddesses. In fact, way too many to name. They were created and some, forgotten about. Some of the more important gods and goddesses that have multiple roles have taken over the minor ones. For example, the twins Artemis and. The Titans. The mighty Titans were a powerful race that ruled the world before Olympians, in a time of the Golden Age of men. They were immortal giants of incredible strength and knowledge of old religion rituals and magic. They are also known as the Elder Gods and their dwelling place was at Mount Othrys.In Greek culture they were interpreted as personifications of the earth (Gaea) and the. Equivalent Roman and Greek Names for the Olympians and Minor Gods. 12 Ancient Lunar Luminaries. Who Were the Three Parents of the Mighty Hercules? Chemosh: Ancient God of Moabites . The 6 Symbols of the Greek God Apollo. Minotaur to Hell Boy: Half Human, Half Animal Creatures from Mythology. The God Apollo's Wives, Mates, and Children Form a Long List. All About Hades, Greek God of the.

Apr 23, 2021 - Explore Brandon Shelly's board Greek/ Roman gods on Pinterest. See more ideas about roman gods, greek myths, greek mythology gods The 12 gods were Jupiter and Juno, Neptune and Minerva, Mars and Venus, Apollo and Diana, Vulcan and Vesta, Mercury and Ceres; 6 gods and 6 goddesses. The Senate named this group the Dei Consentes, the Council of 12. Hannibal never got as far as Rome. He was stopped by the Roman Legion and had to flee So i see all the peeps having a Norse vs Greek debate but how about the Egyptian gods ?? I for one think they are realy cool. So let's include them in a debate to. 11 years ago. TheGuy. Follow 615. Roman Gods facts for children. In Roman society, there were 12 major Gods. These included Jupiter, Saturn, Neptune and Minerva. Of these Gods, some were adopted from other societies, such as Ancient Greece, and some were developed by the Romans.. Christianity only became recognised in Roman society when Emperor Constantine converted to the religion. Before then, Christians were persecuted for.

Gods and Goddesses in Greek Mythology, are immortals who are referred to as deathless ones in Theogony.1 The various types of Gods areProtogenoi, Gigantes, Titans, Olympians, Okeaniks, and Khthonics. Some of the main gods are Zeus, god of lightning; Poseidon, god of the sea; Ares, god of war.. Jupiter was the supreme god of the Roman pantheon. He was the god of light and sky and the protector of state and laws. He is associated with lightning, storms, and thunder. His wife was Juno, who was also his sister. He was linked to the Greek god Zeus. He would eventually be part of the triad of gods established by the inhabitants of Rome. He was still considered the greatest of all gods but. The gods may be horrified to discover their names are being used to peddle everything from soap to software. Greek mythology has been a treasure trove of names for marketers to associate with their brands — whether companies, products, or services. The lure of naming a brand after a god just makes sense. The brand gains credibility by connecting virtues of the product or service with the. Poseidon, Greek God of the Sea. Meet Some Gods and Goddesses of the Early Harvest. Myths and Legends of Cailleach, the Ruler of Winter. Odin, Ruler of the Norse Gods. Thoth, Egyptian Scribe God of Wisdom. Rhiannon, the Horse Goddess of Wales. The Myth and Legends of Loki the Trickster. Meet Artemis, the Greek Goddess of the Hunt Buy Gods vs Humans. $4.99 Add to Cart . About This Game Humans are building a tower to reach the Kingdom of the Gods! Embody one of these divinities to foil their attempts. But, be careful not to kill them with your special powers, because your survival depends on their devotion! Discover a fun universe and loveable characters from great Nordic, Egyptian, Greco-Roman and Japanese civilizations.

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3. The miniature Roman god of love, Cupid, whom we still use to celebrate Valentine's Day, is the counterpart of which Greek God? Moirai. Eros. Morta. Lethe. NEXT>. 4. In Roman myth the messenger of the gods was Mercury and in later Greek myth it was the god Hermes but before him there was another Roman Gods . The Romans sustained a religion that adopted most of the Greek gods for their own with different names and slightly different myths. They also incorporated without too much discrimination the gods of particular interest to a newly conquered group, the better to foster assimilation in their imperialistic ventures. In Roman mythology, Chaos itself created Gaia, the Earth, and. Let's see how well you have been studying your Greek and Roman Gods and Goddesses! Remember, you will see these questions again. . . So pay attention. These could be in quick recall or in Arts and Humanities questions. I will give the Greek description with the Roman counterpart (if any). Guess the Greek God or Goddess Greek or Roman Gods by Symbol 7; Greek God or Roman Rip-Off 5; Mythological Mega Word Ladder 4; Gods Without 'Religion' 2; Odd One Out: Deities 2; Top User Quizzes in Religion. 10 Down: Religion 303; US Metros with the Most Synagogues 150; Religion Honeycomb 57; Greek God Blitz 54; 20 Questions About Christianity 53; Adjectives in Hercules' Labours 53; Somewhere in the Middle (Religion) 52.

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